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Record-breaking frenzy is underway at the Beijing Winter Olympics.On February 11, two world records were broken at the Beijing Winter Olympics.First, Nils Van der Poel of Sweden won gold in the men’s 10,000m speed skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics with a world record time of 12.30.74.Shortly afterwards, defending champion Suzanne Schuerting of the Netherlands broke the world record in the women’s 1,000m quarterfinals with a time of 1:26.514.Vanderpoel competes in the men’s 10,000m speed skating event at the National Speed Skating Hall in Beijing, Feb 11, 2018.Nils Van der Poel of Sweden, who won the 5,000m gold medal and set a new Olympic record, skated 12.30.74 in group 5.He also broke his own world record (12:32.95), set in February 2021, and the Olympic record (12:39.77) set by Canada’s Johan Bloemen at the 2018 Pyeongchang Games.Patrick Rust of the Netherlands won the silver medal, and Davide Giotto of Italy, who competed with Van der Poole, took the bronze.Van der Poel, 25, has been the lone winner of the men’s long-distance events this season, winning one 10,000m and three 5,000m races in four World Cup races by a clear margin.He also showed his excellent form by winning gold in the 5,000-meter race in an Olympic record time.The 10,000m is the longest distance of any Olympic speed skating event, requiring athletes to skate on the ice for 25 laps, an absolute test of endurance and willpower.In the race on February 11, The runner-up in the 5,000m from group 2, Rust of the Netherlands, became the first skater to finish in 12:44.59.However, Rust after sliding into the mixed zone, he and reporters frankly, their results “will not win, it is difficult to stand on the podium.”Rust was half right.In group 5, Vanderpoel skated steadily, beating Rust’s time in the first half of the race and approaching the world record at the 5000m. Finally, to the cheers of the crowd, vanderpoel set a new world and Olympic record in 12.30.74.After that, the defending champion Bloemen, who appeared in the last group, struggled to finish in eighth place. Vanderpoel was sure to win the gold medal, while Rust took silver again.”I’m really happy with it, much better than I expected!””I usually don’t take risks too early. With five laps to go I knew I had a good chance of breaking the record, so I went for it.”Van der Poole became the undisputed “king of the long Distance” after winning the 5,000m and 10,000m gold MEDALS in a row. At the post-race press conference, he praised the “Ice Ribbon” again, “the ice is very good, it is very suitable for the competition, I really want to thank the ice makers and the staff.””Of course, it’s difficult,” van der Poole said when asked by reporters if the long-distance runners were suffering.But speed skating is not about pain, it’s about endurance and transcendence, and that suits me very well.”The women’s 1,000m short track speed skating event took place at the Capital Gymnasium at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 11.Suzanne Schulting of the Netherlands defended her title in 1 minute 28.391 seconds.Earlier in the women’s 1,000m quarterfinal, Schulting clocked 1 minute 26.514 seconds to beat the previous world record of 1 minute 26.661 set by Shim Seok-hee of South Korea at the 2012 World Cup in Calgary, Canada.Undoubtedly one of the current world leaders in women’s short track speed skating, Schulting has been in great form since winning gold in the 1,000m at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and that form has continued into Beijing.In four World Cup races this season, Shulting has played consistently in the women’s 1,000m, winning two gold MEDALS, one silver and one bronze.In March 2021, Shulting ranked 1st in all 5 events at the World Short track Speed Skating Championships. She won all 5 gold MEDALS in women’s 500-meter, 1,000-meter, 1,500-meter, 3,000-meter relay and individual all-around, becoming the “third person in history” to win all gold MEDALS in women’s short track speed skating World Championships.At the World Cup in Hungary in November 2021, Shulting won three gold MEDALS in women’s individual events again after the World Championships.She is also the only short-track speed skater to finish in the top four overall points in all three individual events this season.But there was regret for Shulting, who came within a whisker of losing to 32-year-old Italian Fontana in the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating event on Feb. 7.Short distances are not Schulting’s strong suit, but he wants gold in the 500 meters not for himself, but for his former teammate.The Netherlands’ ice prowess has traditionally been in speed skating, not short-track speed skating — until Laura van Ruyven and Suzanne Schuerting came along.Reuven helped Shulting a lot when she first joined the team.In 2020, while training at the Base of the Dutch short-track speed skating team in the Pyrenees in June, Ruyven fell ill and fell into a coma. After being diagnosed with a sudden immune disease, she died on July 10, 2020.After seeing Luyven off at his hospital bed, Schulting silently set a goal in his mind: “I’m going to run the 500.”At the 2021 World Championships, Shulting fulfilled her wish by winning five gold MEDALS, including the women’s 500 meters.”The last thing I want to do after saying goodbye to Laura is to run the 500 meters,” Schuerting said. “I want to keep the Dutch lead in this event.Thankfully, I did, and I can answer to Laura.Only a few people knew that this [women’s 500m] was my main goal.This is about Laura. I win. We win.”Vanderpoole won the speed skating men’s 10,000 meters.Beijing (Reuters) – The Beijing Winter Olympics are on a roll, with a world record set in speed skating and a world record set in short track speed skating on the seventh day of competition after the opening ceremony.But the world records produced by the two events have different connotations.For speed skating, the time of 12 minutes 30.74 seconds set by Nils Van der Poel of Sweden in men’s 10,000m speed skating is a real world record!Each speed skating event is a competition between two athletes, each competing on their own track over a length of 400 meters.Although the rules of the race stipulate that both sides also need to switch lanes at a specified distance in order to balance out the difference in corners caused by inside and outside lanes, in general, the two athletes are competing on their own tracks in absolute individual strength.Strong people will slide in front, which is the same as the 400-meter race in the field.But short track speed skating is a different story.Because there is no regulation of short track speed skating, as long as the athletes do not start false start, then after starting from the starting line, everyone immediately begins to fight for the best line in the lane.In this process, athletes often collide with each other in order to fight for the advantageous position and line, which is why athletes often fall down due to collisions in short track speed skating.So the world record set by Suzanne Schulting in the women’s 1,000m quarterfinal is not the same thing as the new world record set by Nils Vanderpoole in the men’s 10,000m.In absolute terms, Suzanne Schulting’s new world record in short track speed skating is not as good as Nils Vanderpoel’s.Because of this characteristic, short-track speed skaters sometimes do not care about world records, but the most important is the race place.So, what about suzanne Schulting’s world record?Of course not.Its significance lies in the fact that the new record shows that Schulting is indeed the strongest athlete in the women’s 1,000m in the world today.For more, check out the Winter Olympics newsletter.Xinhua News Agency for the photo source: the client games publication | reporter Xiao-song zhao Li li, wang smiled LiuShuang Reger process editor: u060 copyright statement: text copyright owned by Beijing news group, without permission, shall not be reproduced or adapted.