When you come to Tianjin, if you want to know the best food, the natives of Tianjin must recognize a kind of street food

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People from other provinces tend to eat “goubuli” by name when they come to Tianjin, thinking that goubuli is a famous food that represents The characteristics of Tianjin.Yes, Tianjin wei really “three unique”, respectively is goubuli steamed stuffed bun, Erduoyan fried cake, 18 street mahua.But the real Natives of Tianjin don’t eat or even look at these things.You are going to walk down the street of Tianjin Wei, stop a native of Tianjin and ask him, “Is it delicious?”He sure didn’t even hit Pol, but he said to you in a casual voice, “What else can you have? Pancake fruit!”Listen, this is the most standard answer of authentic Tianjin people.To answer “Tie bobo shao Xiaoyu”, “gaba vegetables”, “big cake roll everything”, but only “jianbing fruit” can get full marks.In tianjin wei eat pancake fruit, must eat that kind of cart with two stove holes son, first ask 1: “want scallion yao?”Wait for mung bean noodles son spread out, again add 1: “want spicy son yao?”Finally, he asked, “Do you mean it or do you mean it?”If so, congratulations on eating the authentic Tianjin Jianbing guozi.On the other hand, to tell whether the person eating the pancake is a Native of Tianjin, please look inside their hands. Of those who bring their eggs to the pancake stall, at least nine out of ten are native of Tianjin, and the rest are natives.Don’t bring your own egg pancake stand — “Don’t you have a cymbal?”To give some more experience, you want to tianjin wei tourist treasure ancient culture street, hear those words round, tube “gaba dish” called “rice pot dish”;Or it is the kind of accent inside does not take child change sound again, “donkey roll son” call “donkey roll”, you had better not rely on before, the tube protects eat into belly inside is not serious stuff.No matter it is pulp, noodle tea, tofu, pancake fruit, gabba vegetables, and even big cake rolls, all have a strong commercial atmosphere, but the smell of fireworks is missing.You can be at ease to eat boldly, but not “jin taste”.If you want to eat the taste of jin, you have to be a small cart with corners and corners, or a “dog food restaurant” hidden in the downtown. Don’t care about the environment, but what you care about is the taste, which is called “Lao Pao SAN”, which is called “only gluten”, which is called “vinegar slip mu shu”, hey, man, get it for you.Vernacular for a long time, what am I going to say?I want to talk about the relationship between pancake fruit and Pu Songling.This speech, the friend said: “Quick don’t look for fun, pu Songling is from Shandong, with your Tianjin wei’s pancake fruit relationship?You don’t want to be like that Korean, no matter how caught, all on their own body.We are a thousand years old fox, don’t play liaozhai.”No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.Pancake fruit and Pu Songling really have cut the relationship between the chaos.Do not believe ah, you listen to “big lion” continue to talk nonsense to you.Three hundred years ago, pu Songling, an old gentleman who wrote Strange Stories from a Chinese studio, wrote an ode to pancakes with the Emperor Kangxi.He said that the process of making pancakes is: “Encapsulate rice beans, grind such as gum xing.Pick the type that must two different, pan is the form of the caulk, ju earthen basin one scoop, classics fire burn and pang 淜, urgent hand and left turn, if grind go up of ant.Yellow and white suddenly change, si must become.Round as the full moon, as big as Copper Jing, as thin as Shan paper, color like the feather of yellow crane.”Translated into colloquialism, it means: “First beans, rice and other grains soaked in water, and then with water mill will soak the good grains into a thick glue pulp.Place a spoonful on a hot iron pan and quickly spread it out with a “T-shaped stepper” (a special tool made of bamboo sticks and bamboo or wood slices).Soon, the paste turned into yellow and white dough cakes, round like a moon, rolled up like The Jiu musical instrument Bronze Jing from the Spring and Autumn period, each sheet as thin as Shan bamboo paper, color as beautiful as the wings of yellow cranes.Let Pu Lao say so, the lower liba people’s pancake suddenly sublimated to the highbrow snow, the price immediately increased by more than one order.According to records from the Qing Dynasty, Jinmen jianbing probably originated from Shanzuo (Shandong) jianbing. Shandong jianbing used to be made with fried bean sprouts, leeks, cabbage and shredded radish, commonly known as “vegetable jianbing”.As Shandong is close to Tianjin, a large number of People from Shandong flocked to Tianjin during the famine. There were pancake stalls, fried tofu stalls and mutton soup stalls set up by many People from Shandong outside the north gate.Jinmen aborigines eat green food, so they develop shandong “vegetable jianbing” into jianbing fruit with Jinmen characteristics. With refreshing mung bean noodles, scallions, noodles sauce, soy bean curd and chili peppers, this jianbing fruit can be regarded as a success.It’s crispy in the outside and fragrant in the nose. According to Lao Guo’s saying, if you eat it here and shoot your father there, you don’t feel distressed.However, today’s pancake seems to have been improved, using a variety of cereals, such as shrimp paste, diced meat, ham, lettuce, and a variety of accessories, all in a chaotic way, there is a “big pancake roll everything.”Well, it looks neat. It doesn’t smell like that.I mean, is this still a pancake?Just like old Beijing people drink bean juice will match coke circle that way, did not coke circle bean juice also call bean juice?And did not have the bean juice jiao circle again or jiao circle?Is the “everything” pancake pancake still a pancake pancake?I’m here because I couldn’t turn around.Ladies and gentlemen of Tianjin Health, have you turned a corner?