Spring flowers, Taibai Mountain waiting for you to a romantic encounter!

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Spring is a season for revival trees and flowers to vomit a bud, the birds, add new feather of taibai mountain spring began vibrant one year the beauty in spring and negative good time I don’t have right to enjoy the spring’s no-show I’ve been waiting for you in the spring of taibai mountain green arrived in taibai mountain spring, you looked at the hills green gradually become strong.Spring bids farewell to the loneliness and desolation of winter.Green shoots spread like mist on the branches.You see, put on the early spring sky mountain after the new rain green, is not fresh and bright than before many.You come to the taibai Mountain in spring, not only in the spring full of vitality, spring taibai mountain peak faded a winter fatigue, but also covered with winter frost.Full of green vitality in the quiet growth, until the ice and snow melt to see again, is the time when the red willow green.You come to the spring Taibai Mountain, there are peach blossom, bauhinia, azalea……Continuous blue, light purple, pink huagu, from early spring has been winding to midsummer, just for you to come.I wait for you in the spring to miss the wind into whispers only when you come to Taibai Mountain, I promise you a wipe of green and flowers along the way.If there is any infringement or reprint copyright problems, please contact the wechat operator Baoji Tourism Service Center in time so that we delete the relevant content in the first time