Shanghai: The second round of nucleic acid screening will be conducted in the first batch of containment areas today

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At a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control held in The morning of March 30, Wu Ganyu, first-level inspector of the Municipal Health Commission, reported that on March 29, there were 326 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and 5,656 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in Zhuhai.Of the 326 confirmed cases, 17 were detected through closed-loop isolation control, 291 were detected through nucleic acid screening of people at risk, and 18 were asymptomatic and turned into confirmed cases.Of the 5,656 asymptomatic infected cases, 5,131 were found in closed-loop isolation control, and 525 were found in nucleic acid screening for people at risk.The 326 confirmed cases released today include 166 males and 160 females.By administrative region, 169 cases were reported in Pudong New Area, 34 in Xuhui District, 33 in Baoshan District, 29 in Minhang District, 15 in Songjiang District, 9 in Jiading District, 8 in Jing ‘an District, 7 in Hongkou District, 6 in Huangpu District, 6 in Putuo District, 3 in Changning District, 3 in Yangpu District, 2 in Jinshan District, 1 in Fengxian district and 1 in Chongming District.These 326 people were diagnosed as confirmed COVID-19 cases (mild) based on a combination of epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging results.The 5656 asymptomatic infected persons tested positive for novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test.After consultation by a municipal expert group, 5,656 people were diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19 patients based on their epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging findings.As of 9 o ‘clock, March 30, a total of 35,847 close contacts in Shanghai have been checked and controlled, among which 29,784 have negative nucleic acid test results and the rest are being tested.69,052 people who have been closely connected in Shanghai have been checked and controlled. Among them, 66,011 have negative nucleic acid test results, and the rest are being tested.In accordance with the requirements of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the confirmed cases announced today and other relevant information, and the decision of the Office of the Municipal Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, starting from 9:00 on March 30, 2022,No. 920, Tianyue Road, Huinan Town, Pudong New Area and construction site dormitory of Jianchuan Road Comprehensive Service Center, Jiangchuan Road Street, Minhang District will be adjusted from medium-risk area to low-risk area.Risk levels in other areas of Shanghai remain unchanged.At present, the top priority of epidemic prevention and control is a new round of nucleic acid screening.We need to ensure high-quality and efficient progress in all aspects of procurement, delivery, inspection and reporting, do a good job in organization and implementation, avoid staff gathering and promote the implementation of work.Efforts should be made to speed up the transfer of positive cases and prevent cross-infection.We need to help people solve urgent problems in a timely manner and ensure that urgent and critically ill patients receive timely treatment.According to the epidemic situation in the city, we will strictly implement preventive disinfection work in key sites, tightening the implementation of the office building, construction sites, traffic tools, public, community, family, the farmer’s market, shopping mall, school, pension institutions and so on ten big crowds gathered and garbage collection facilities preventive disinfection work in key sites.The transmission of Omicron is strong, so citizens should keep a distance and wear masks scientifically when taking nucleic acid tests.Starting at 5 o ‘clock on March 28, we sealed off and controlled areas east and south of the Huangpu River and adjacent areas to conduct nucleic acid screening.During this period, we organized about 17,000 samplers and set up 6,300 temporary sampling sites to carry out round-the-clock testing.Up to now, nucleic acid tests have been carried out on 9.1 million people in Pudong, Punan and adjacent areas, and antigen screening has been carried out in non-key areas of Puxi, screening a total of 10.87 million people, and a certain number of abnormal test results have been found, which has played an important role in cutting off the spread of the virus as soon as possible and curbing the spread of the epidemic.Today, the second nucleic acid screening will be carried out in the areas east and south of the Huangpu River and adjacent areas. Please continue to cooperate with us in the screening. According to the organization and arrangement of community workers, we should keep a distance in batches, wear masks and do not gather together.During the lockdown period, citizens with urgent needs such as emergency medical treatment can contact their neighborhood (village) committees, street towns or family doctors for assistance.Finally, thank you again for your understanding, support and cooperation!Source: “Shanghai Release” wechat official account