Lugubrious “sad”

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Word of the Day:February 6, Adjective [ləˈ smu əs]What It MeansLugubrious means “mournful” or “dismal.” It can also mean “very sadIn an exaggerated or insincere way.”Lugubrious means “sad” or “tragic.”It can also mean “very sad in an exaggerated or insincere way.”LUGUBRIOUS in Context”Would [Steve Spielberg’s] notoriously ill-received 1941 have worked as a musical? Maybe not; it might well have retained the moments where its spectacle turns lugubrious, straining and burdening the comedy that’s supposed to hold it up. On the other hand, while it’s uneven as a comedy, “Is a Marvel of Choreography.” — Jesse Hassenger, Paste Magazine, 6 Dec. 2021″ Will Steve Spielberg’s hugely unpopular ‘1941’ work as a musical?Probably not;In comedy it may preserve the solemn, intense, and heavy scene.On the other hand, while it became an alternative comedy, ‘1941’ was a choreographic marvel.”Did You Know?Lugubrious is the sole surviving English offspring of Latin Lug ēre, meaning “to mourn.”an adjective meaning “sad” or “sorrowful,” Was put to rest Centuries ago.Lugubrious is the only surviving English descendant of Latin lugēre, meaning “to mourn”.The word closest to it, Luctual, an adjective meaning “sad” or “sorrowful,” had disappeared centuries ago.QuizFill in the blanks to complete a synonym of lugubrious: d _ l _ _ u _.doleful