Lu Ban was a carpenter. Why was his Lu Ban book banned?Take a look at the first sentence

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A few years ago, the documentary “I Repaired cultural relics in the Forbidden City” brought a group of restorers to the attention of the audience.Their hands seem to have been given power by a magician, the western clocks and watches that have not been repaired for years, a piece of ancient calligraphy and painting on loose paper, a piece of exquisite fragile precious porcelain, once they repair and transform, will be perfect as before, full of amazing charm again.Their meticulous dedication to work gives the audience a sense of what a great power craftsman really is.But when it comes to who is the originator of craftsmen in China, Then Lu Ban must be worthy of the name.Born into a carpenter’s family, Lu Ban, while inheriting his ancestral skills, also invented many of his own inventions, such as Lu Ban ruler, Lu Ban lock, saw, ink fountain, etc. Numerous tools greatly improved the labor efficiency of the people.Not only that, lu Ban shu, which he fabricated, is also a great book on civil engineering and architecture, admired by later generations.However, the book has been banned because the first sentence of lu Ban contains a big mystery.It is said that a man is put on earth for a purpose.It can be something mundane, like settling down and settling down and living a stable life.It can also be noble, such as serving the people, serving the country.These missions may be large or small, but no matter what, they are a concentrated expression of the value of a person’s life.In the late Spring and Autumn Period, Lu Ban was born into a family of craftsmen in the State of Lu.At the age of 8 or 9, under the influence of his elders, Little Lu Ban set his life goal: to carry on the family tradition and become an excellent craftsman like his parents.Ideal, often only need a determination, but to achieve it, it needs to pay thousands of times of time and energy.Young as lu Ban was, he knew this very well.After school, while his friends were happily playing in the fields, he would come home early and learn simple skills from his father.Sometimes, when the older members of the family go to other places to participate in various civil and construction projects, Lu Ban gets up early and goes out with the adults.Over time, he not only acquired superb skills, but also gained a lot of insight.After learning, Lu Ban tried to invent some small things and asked his father to comment on them.It is conceivable that inventions made by children, more or less, have some flaws.However, Lu Fu never criticized Lu Ban directly, because he felt that abuse would only hurt the child’s self-confidence.Instead, he praised his son for his ideas and then pointed out the shortcomings of the invention in an approachable manner.In this way, Lu Ban’s creative passion was not weakened, but more abundant.Over time, Lu Ban’s inventions became better and better, and most of them were widely used, such as the saw, the ruler, and the ink fountain, saving farmers a lot of effort.As lu Ban grew older, so did his reputation.Whenever his name is mentioned, everyone will give him a thumbs-up.During the period from the late Spring and Autumn Period to the early Warring States period, continuous wars broke out on the central Plains, gradually forming a situation of seven states contending for hegemony.In order to get better development and display his talent, young Lu Ban bid farewell to his hometown and came to the State of Chu to help the army make weapons.At that time, the Chu and Song states have long hatred, big and small wars broke out year after year.Although chu has excellent soldiers and generals, it always failed in attacking Song and returned defeat.It turned out that although song was a small country, it did very well in defense projects.The walls of any small castle are dozens of feet wide.It is no easy task for any country to attack such an impregnable defense.Later, Lu Ban designed a ladder specially according to the characteristics of the wall of the State of Song.Unlike ladders, which are common in daily life, the ladder he designed has a complex gear structure that is flexible and labor-saving.During the siege, one group of men stood on a ladder, while the other group controlled the gears to speed the besiegers up and engage the enemy.Thus the object of breaking through the wall was achieved.Later, Lu Ban invented weapons such as the hook spear, which helped the Song army to win one victory after another.Besides weapons, Lu Ban invented many farm tools.According to shiben, the stone mill was invented by Lu Ban.Before, farmers processing grain, mostly use stone mortar to pound.This is laborious and inefficient.In order to increase the output of grain processing, Lu Ban always wanted to invent a tool.Once, by chance, he found that the surface of the stone was rough. When two stones are rubbed together, they can grind hard things.Having an idea, Lu Ban went into action immediately. He first picked two rough stones and then cut grooves in each of them.When everything was ready, Lu Ban tried to put the grain into the trough and push the stone, but the grain turned into a fine powder.After the success of the experiment, Lu Ban popularized the invention.Later, all the people in faraway places were very grateful to him.Of course, in addition to farm tools, lu Ban invented saws, ink fountain, ruler and other living tools, which also provided convenience for everyone’s life.Looking back on the first half of his life, Lu Ban decided to write a book that would expose his years of invention experience to the public and inspire future generations.It took several years, but Lu Ban finally finished the book and called it One Door Is Missing.Because it was written by Lu Ban himself, this book is also nicknamed Lu Ban Shu.This book not only describes the various manufacturing methods of civil engineering and construction, but also involves medical treatment, agriculture and other fields. The use value is very high, and later generations call this book “the world strange book”.However, the book was banned before it was widely circulated.This is because lu Ban wrote a sentence in the beginning, the general idea is that to learn Lu Ban, one needs to be widowed, widowed, lonely, alone, or disabled.It is not difficult to understand the meaning behind this sentence. Lu Ban wrote this sentence in the hope that when learning the knowledge in the book, future generations can put aside their distractions and devote themselves to learning.But most people wouldn’t do that if they had to be widowed, widowed, orphaned, orphaned or disabled to get to the bottom of the book.To say the least, if someone really hurts himself in order to master The One Door Missing, it will cause a great loss to himself or even the whole family.In this way, the Book of Lu Ban is banned for some reason.In history, banned books are everywhere, numerous.For example, the Golden Vase Plum, and the Sunflower Treasure Book, which is famous for saying, “If you want to practice this skill, you must first practice your own palace.”Although his works were banned, Lu Ban’s great contributions have influenced generations.Today, the “Lu Ban Award” in the field of architecture is named after Lu Ban, which is an important award for outstanding talents in the field of architecture.Although Lu Ban disappeared into the long river of history, his down-to-earth and painstaking craftsman spirit has always been inherited.