History of village (474) : Yunshanying Village, Dashu Town, Zoucheng City, Shandong Province

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The early Ming Dynasty village, located at the foot of yunshan.It is the site of the barracks to protect the tomb of Zhu Zhaohui, the son of King Of Lu Huang, because the village is located under Yunshan Mountain, so the village is named Yunshan Camp.In November 1950, yunshan camp is the ninth district shantou township.In September 1958, yunshan camp is a big bundle of people’s commune mountain management area.In May 1983, yunshan camp is a big bundle area huang Zhu township.In January 1987, the withdrawal area set up a town is a big bundle town up to now.According to shang’s genealogy, jinming Gong, the first ancestor of Yunshan’s Merchant family, should have moved to this village in the late Qing Dynasty.(Editing/Shang Info)