Fuding Shuangke: a miss is as good as a mile

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Down to earth, not halfway empty recently, accidentally read the impulse of Sinology.When leafing through the Book of Wei · Yue Zhi, I saw this sentence: “But qi is full and empty, shu is huge and thin, a difference is as good as a mile, a miss is a thousand miles.”There is quite some feeling in the heart.Perhaps I have found the reason why Fuding Shuangke Machine parts Co., Ltd. is so popular.This time, I have the honor to chat with Mr. Wang Shidian, president of Fuding Shuangke Locomotive Parts Co., LTD.He told me about fuding Shuangke Locomotive Parts Co., LTD.Fuding Shuangke Motorcycle parts Co., Ltd. is a professional motorcycle carburetor manufacturer with independent development, design, production, processing, testing and other functions.The company always adheres to the development concept of product quality first, perfect service system, innovation and environmental protection. Over the years, the company has continuously introduced advanced technology and precision processing and testing equipment from home and abroad, such as CNC lathe, combined comprehensive flow testing platform, and ergometer.Moreover, the company has also formulated the quality policy of “customer satisfaction, quality first”, and introduced advanced processing technology and production management methods from the world.Chairman Wang Shidian said that it is the implementation of this initiative, greatly strengthen the company’s quality management, so that it can not fall behind in many peers.Wang Shidian also introduced to me the company’s main product – carburetor.Carburetor as a precise mechanical device, it can automatically match the corresponding concentration and output the required amount of mixture according to the requirements of the engine in different working states.Thus it is likened to “engine heart” motorcycle accessories.But sometimes, if the mixture is not up to standard, accidents can occur.Therefore, to avoid this situation, to make the mixture more evenly mixed, carburetor also needs to have a function, that is, to achieve the effect of fuel atomization, so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining the machine.It is because of the important role of carburetor accessories, so the company in the manufacturing process, always maintain a strict attitude, carefully detect every data, can not have the slightest deviation.We know that a miss is as good as a mile.A tiny error could mean the loss of a precious life.But Fuding City double branch machine parts Co., LTD., is not willing to stop here.Companies adhere to the concept of innovation, environmental protection, independent research and development of a new product – electronic spray.The innovation of this product lies in the use of electronic control technology.It is the adoption of this technology, effectively reduce exhaust pollution, but also reduce engine fuel consumption.After using efI products, the convenience of engine performance adjustment is greatly improved.Moreover, the fuel injection volume of efI products is accurate and controllable, which reduces the fuel consumption.Not only that, the altitude is different, but also automatically adjust the amount of fuel injection ignition time.If it is in the case of elevation, the efI product will automatically reduce the fuel injection ignition time.In a word, EFI products can be summarized as “four good, one strong and one long”, that is, good atomization, good combustion, strong power, good emissions, good adaptability, long maintenance cycle.Fuding Shuangke Locomotive Parts Co., LTD., a down-to-earth manufacturing enterprise, always keep in mind: a miss is as good as a mile.It is their serious and responsible attitude that has won the recognition and favor of the public.