Effects of Biogen on growth Performance and meat quality of broilers

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Introduction: How to scientifically help the research and development of “anti-resistant feed” under the new situation, focusing on “cost reduction and efficiency increase”?Refuse to cheat, take data to speak!The activity of “Green Breeding first Track season 5” collected, sorted out and released relevant animal test research results of front-line enterprises in the industry, providing first-hand experimental data for reference to help the industry efficiently cope with challenges.Objective: To test the effects of plant extract feed additive (Biomin® P.E.P. MGE, Biogen) on promoting growth and improving meat quality of broilers.Biogen: A perfect combination of synergistic effect of various plant essential oils and matrix coating technology (provided by Biogen production)Standard broiler flocks were divided into two groups. The control group was fed with standard commercial diet, and the experimental group was fed with 100g/t biembo on the basis of commercial diet.The experimental period was 0-42 days of age, and the feeding method was free feeding.Results: 1. Biogen’s effect on improving the market weight of broilers can be seen from the figure above: although the control group gained a high body weight at 42 days of age, the final body weight of the experimental group was 2% higher than that of the control group.These results suggest that there is room for improvement in the growth potential of standard broilers, and the improvement is achieved by increasing the digestibility of nutrients.2. The effect of Biogen on improving the feed conversion rate of broilers can be seen from the figure above: The experimental group adding Biogen had a slight improvement in the feed conversion rate of broilers.The difference in FCR between the two groups was not significant because the FCR value in the control group was already low.3. Biogen’s effect on improving the mortality rate of broilers can be seen from the figure above: the control group showed a higher mortality rate because of the higher metabolic rate of broilers;The biogen group had a 50 percent lower mortality rate than the control group.This indicates that Biogen reduces the stress of high metabolic rate during rapid growth of broilers.4. The improvement effect of Biogen on broiler chicken quality can be seen from the table above: After the addition of Biogen, there was a clear improvement effect on meat quality, and the tenderness and comprehensive acceptability of breast meat were significantly improved in the experimental group;In addition, the appearance score and juiciness of leg meat of experimental groups were significantly improved.Conclusion: The results showed that adding plant extract (Biogen) in the broiler diet could improve the performance and quality of broilers.DSM group is a mission-driven global science company focused on nutrition, health and green living, dedicated to creating a better life with COLORFUL technologies.DSM builds innovative products and solutions to meet the world’s many serious challenges, while creating economic, environmental and social value for customers, employees, shareholders and all stakeholders in society.DSM provides innovative business solutions for human nutrition, animal nutrition, personal care and fragrance ingredients, medical devices, green products and applications, and new transportation and communications.DSM and its associated companies employ approximately 23,000 people and generate annual net sales of approximately eur 10 billion.The company was founded in 1902 and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.DSM started trading with China as early as 1963 and established its first sales representative office and first manufacturing plant in China in the early 1990s.Currently, the company has 51 branches in China, including 28 production sites, with nearly 5,300 employees.DSM China’s regional headquarters and R&D center are located in Shanghai.DSM’s business in China has seen healthy and steady growth, with sales in China reaching nearly 9.1 billion yuan in 2019.