A “videoconference” and $230,000 gone?!

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Accurately give out your personal information may be a cheater invited video conference may be a cheater cheater’s final routine must be transfer!!Transfer!!Transfer!!Ningbo city, zhejiang province, police said warning cheat again new tricks to invite you to quote us your personal information using nailing video meeting the last fool you transfer a woman so cheated 230000 yuan recently, ms xu of zhejiang, ningbo xiangshan received a call from guangdong province during the working hours, the other party claims to “Beijing X” customer service,She gave her name, ID number and address in detail, and gained her trust.Later, the other party said that Ms. Xu applied for a loan of 200,000 yuan in Beijing X Bullion in 2017. If it is not cancelled, it will affect my credit investigation.Ms. Xu at this time, it is not clear that he has fallen into the scam.Ms. Xu quickly asked the other party how to operate to cancel the loan limit, the other party invited Ms. Xu to join the Dingding video conference, and opened the dingding sharing screen function (police explanation: this function is opened, the other party can directly see the operation of Ms. Xu’s screen).The picture shows that the fraudster invited Dingding to a video conference. The other party continued to instruct Ms. Xu to cancel all the loan cards under her name with voice. Ms. Xu handled a loan of 211,600 yuan in the bank according to the instructions of the other party.At this point, Ms. Xu wondered why she wanted to apply for a loan when it was clearly a loan card cancellation. The other party said that the money needed to be verified and transferred to his bank card for the time being, and that the money would be protected.Believing this, Ms. Xu transferred 230,000 yuan to the other party.Later, the other party asked Ms. Xu to continue the transfer, Ms. Xu realized that she had been cheated, quickly reported to the police.Ms. Xu told the police, she often accept anti-fraud education, their anti-fraud awareness is also relatively strong, this time deceived because the other party can accurately report their identity information, and use nail nail video conference form, let it believe that the other party is engaged in financial service.The case is under further investigation.The picture shows ms Xu was cheated of the transfer record police to remind Nail nail video phone do not receive!Nail share screen function can not be opened at will!If the other side is a swindler, this is equivalent to sharing mobile phone operation process, to reveal their bank card information and password to the other side!If you receive the active call from customer service to go through the relevant procedures, please be sure to contact the customer service through the e-commerce platform to buy the goods, do not deviate from the formal channels for trading.Especially need to provide bank card and password are fraud!Personal credit investigation is managed by the People’s Bank of China. Transactions on e-commerce platforms will not affect personal credit investigation!Received self-claimed platform customer service, and mentioned the “cancellation of loan account” “will affect personal credit” and other keywords, are fraud!96110 for anti-fraud center to discourage early warning of the phone, when received that you may be suffering fraud, please be sure to answer!If cheated, please report to the police station in time!Source: Rule of Law Daily