Tusheng is selling like hot cakes

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Wenzhou Hongying Modern anniversary activities!Only for you to bring super preferential prices, super rich gifts, super intimate service!Network booking to the shop to see the car customers, a beautiful gift!Specially invited customers, enjoy VIP, star sales one to one service!Network booking to shop car customers, a gift package of ten thousand yuan!All models 2-5 years interest-free!A piece of id card, a driving license, loan to buy a car 0 threshold!Second-hand car free evaluation, high recycling, enjoy ten thousand yuan replacement subsidies!Regular customers introduced successful car purchase free 500 yuan Hongxu Longwan Park GENERAL ticket!Buy hongxu worry-free car, service increase, benefit increase!No. 1355 airport Avenue, Wenzhou city (come and enjoy the gift) * For details, please consult Wenzhou Hongying Modern flagship store.The event will run from April 9, 2022 to April 15, 2022