Tongxu County, Sunying township: everyone with license palm skills value-added self life

2022-08-18 0 By

Kaifeng network news all media reporter Zhao Hu reporter Qian Qiuhao report in order to steadily promote the “everyone with a certificate, skills in Henan” construction work, Tongxu County Sunying township multiple measures to carry out “everyone with a certificate, skills in Henan” training activities, help key employment personnel to achieve employment as soon as possible.”It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish. Skill training not only enables the majority of farmers to master the ‘professional skills’, but also enables them to’ work with certificates’, so that the villagers can learn something and walk out of the countryside to become well-off.”Sunying human resources and social security institute wang Guanghui introduced.Employment is the most important aspect of people’s livelihood, and skills are fundamental to employment.Sunying township skills training class is guided by employment demand, and at the same time, combined with the characteristics of rural labor employment and the actual situation of the area, set up special training classes.Improving rural people’s ability to find jobs and start businesses is an internal driving force for rural revitalization.Skills training courses are “affordable and practical” for women from low-income families.”You can learn skills and get certificates at your doorstep. With certificates, you won’t worry about going out to work and your salary will be much higher.”Face everyone to hold the skill to preach, villagers happily said.The next step, Sunying township tap potential to increase efficiency, strong promotion, through loudspeaker, conference, wechat and other online and offline channels, all-round, multi-level publicity of various types of training time, age, target groups and subsidy policies, to ensure household name.At the same time, for different groups, scientific and reasonable arrangement of corresponding training, according to the village leading industry, the will of the masses, the development of practical, public opinion targeted training, to achieve the high-quality development of Sunying township to provide knowledge, skilled personnel guarantee.