Strengthen the filling of “three provisions” to purify the judicial environment

2022-08-18 0 By

The “three Provisions” are a “high-voltage line” to prevent undue contact with cases, a “purifier” for the judicial environment, a “safety valve” for fairness and justice, and a “talisman” to prevent changes.In order to ensure the implementation of the “three Regulations” for preventing judicial interference and to promote the implementation of the “three Regulations” system, the People’s Court of The Western Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi held a training session on the “three Regulations” on March 25.Zhou Laga, a member of the party group and vice president of the Institute, led the whole police to study the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Guidance on Filling in the “Three Regulations” issued by Haixi Intermediate People’s Court, and clarified the subject of filling in the report, time requirements and specific matters of recording and reporting to the whole police again.Zhang Zhuopeng, secretary of the party group and president of the academy, stressed that the whole police of the academy should comprehensively deepen the ideological understanding of the “three provisions”, and constantly improve the political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action consciousness of strict implementation.We should combine the introduction and interpretation of the content of the “three provisions” in this training meeting to strengthen the learning of the original “three provisions” and memorize the content of the provisions in mind.It is necessary to truthfully report the contacts and contacts that have been intervened, so as to form a working situation in which each level is grasped and each level is implemented.Participating officers have said, will strictly implement the “three provisions” requirements, resolutely put an end to violations of the provisions of the situation, effectively maintain the good image of the people’s court and judges.