MG6PRO speed up fast overtaking peak increased by 20%

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With a new front design and a new color scheme of bubbly orange, the sports sedan MG6 PRO 3 attracted a lot of attention and discussion just by its appearance design.Recently, the third generation OF MG6 PRO power configuration exposure.The new car adopts “double top ten” power technology — SAIC Bluxin 2.0 MEGA Tech, a new generation of efficient power combination, equipped with 1.5T high power engine and 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission.After the core tuning technology is refreshed, the new car can realize the following speed twice faster, the peak overtaking torque increases by 20%, with more Jizhi sports performance, for young consumers to bring smooth and energetic, free driving experience.The third generation MG6 PRO “Double Top ten” power technology racetrack level sports performance upgrade inherits the MG family track genes, the third generation MG6 PRO “Double Top Ten” power technology ushered in a new generation of high-efficiency power combination — SAIC Blue Chip 2.0 MEGA Tech, through the upgrade of intelligent dynamic response,Make each ride more retractable.The third generation MG6 PRO adopts the newly upgraded “Double Top ten” power technology. The third generation MG6 PRO carries the “China heart” top ten engine MEGA Tech 1.5T high power engine, with maximum power of 181 horsepower and peak torque of 285 N · m.Matching the MEGA Tech 1.5T high power engine is a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, one of the world’s top ten transmissions, with a transmission efficiency of 97% and unique world-leading three-chamber independent lubrication technology.The new SHOUFA “Double Top ten” power technology, through the instantaneous supercharging technology upgrade, intelligent step-down logic iteration and other core tuning means, so that the dynamic response capacity of the body has been greatly improved, to achieve the following speed up 2 times faster, overtaking peak torque increased by 20%.In the face of common congestion in urban road conditions, when following the car, its strong power can be on call, start accelerating, overtaking the car as smooth as flowing water, keep up with more smooth, so that the control of the reversion, the driver can enjoy more Jizhi control fun.Wangzhe third generation MG6 PRO can provide 2 kinds of passion driving experience, anytime, anywhere will instantly pull full combat power.The SUPERSPORT mode can be opened with one button, instantly ignites the passion of conquering the road, shows the strength of superfuel, and makes people enjoy the driving fun under the all-round sensory impact.The new car is also equipped with switch movement exhaust sound, after the start, the vehicle such as powerful beast, in the roar, the incarnation of blast street sharp weapon;After closing, the beast returned to sleep, the car quiet as usual.The third generation of the third generation of the MG6 car PRO PRO understands young users to track and control the desire, equipped with “bend artifact” XDS corner dynamic control system, which can effectively suppress understeer and shift more compact and flexible, which makes the vehicle when cornering at high speed, comfort and responsiveness, it is more superior than the car at the same level.The new car is also equipped with EPS-Pro electric power steering system, three kinds of steering power adjustable, with different sizes of auxiliary power, to assist the driver steering operation, to meet different driving needs.In addition, the assembly of the aerodynamics suite enables the third generation MG6 PRO to increase the tail downforce by 1.24 times and optimize the vehicle lift by 42%, greatly enhancing the stability of the vehicle.The third generation OF MG6 PRO continues to write MG century-old track genes with the gesture of sports Wangzhe, constantly pursuing Jizhi, capturing the hearts of a large number of young users.From the latest exposure of power data, the third-generation MG6 PRO racetrack level performance, making it a future sports coupe can be.The event will run from April 4, 2022 to April 17, 2022