In 2022, kuancheng District Propaganda Department and District Civilization Office will visit moral models and good people around them

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In order to further advocate the advanced and typical good manners of caring for moral models and good people around us, and establish the value orientation of virtue being rewarded and good people being rewarded, the Publicity Department and the District Civilization Office of Kuancheng District Committee visited 30 moral models and good people around us who were living in difficulties before the Spring Festival of 2022.Condolence money and love packages were sent to them and Chinese New Year greetings were sent.From January 24 to 27, the Propaganda Department of Kuancheng District Committee and the District Civilization Office visited Zhang Xiuying, a “National flag grandmother” dedicated to public welfare and a “good man in Kuancheng”, who played an exemplary role as a Party member.28 years, such as one day care because of a car accident paralyzed in the bed of his wife’s filial piety love “Changchun good man” Wang Shijie;There are many donations to the sanitation workers, for the difficult people, soldiers, disabled people and other free repair shoes, repair cars to help others, “Kuancheng good man” Fan Wenge and other difficult people around.In the homes of good people, we kindly inquire about their physical conditions and living conditions, thank them for their great contributions to society, and commend them for their lofty spirit of spreading the civilization of The Times with their good deeds and their courage to shoulder personal, family and social responsibilities. We also extend our sincere greetings and high respect to them.I hope they will continue to play an exemplary role, promote civilized customs, spread positive energy and influence and lead more people with their human kindness.These moral models and good people around have also expressed gratitude for the care of the Party and the government, must cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, play a good role, drive people around, influence more people.Over the years, Kuancheng District has always adhered to government-led, voluntary services and other ways to implement measures of care and assistance, encourage advanced models to give full play to their leading role, and carry out a series of activities of moral models and good people around to learn and publicize, constantly promoting the formation of a positive, healthy, upward and good social fashion.