How to carry out the teaching and Performance of Guitar Ensemble: The Course of Liu Jun Guitar Ensemble

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Domestic first set of gradual doubling the medley guitar tutorial “doubling the medley liujun guitar tutorial” how to develop – guitar performance teaching and performing in the editor Liujun guitar doubled since there are so many benefits, in the form of doubling the teaching and performance, so how to conduct the guitar how to expand, how to do, how to operate, and how to perfect, is a very important problem.Liu Jun, the editor of this book, has always attached great importance to guitar ensemble teaching in his more than 30 years of guitar teaching. First, he has guaranteed himself a steady stream of students by means of guitar ensemble teaching.Second, through guitar ensemble teaching, to ensure that their teaching has a certain number of excellent students;Third, through the guitar ensemble teaching form, frequent concerts and various performance activities, in the form of popular, resulting in a positive influence.1. Set up special guitar ensemble course: set up special guitar ensemble course. It is very important to choose the guitar ensemble teaching material and guitar ensemble repertoire.2, step by step, from easy to difficult course setting: this point is still closely related to the choice of guitar ensemble teaching material and guitar ensemble repertoire, guitar ensemble pays great attention to practice and experience, especially the accumulation of guitar ensemble feeling and experience, from easy to difficult, step by step way, is the most reasonable way and method.3. Composition and mobility of guitar ensemble members: The biggest problem facing guitar ensemble teaching is the mobility of ensemble members. If a duet or trio lacks any member, the ensemble cannot continue.Must have enough preparation member, undertake the reserve of preparation member in teaching undertaking, include the preparation of voice part, ensure to fall in member flow, any voice part missing circumstance, can fill immediately qi.4, use and doubling the audio track matching accompaniment and demonstration, using audio and doubling the track matching guitar accompaniment and demonstration is very important, it is enough to cope with and solve all kinds of situation, in the case of personnel, lack of the parts, use and doubling the tracks the accompaniment demonstration of form a complete set of audio, still can keep doubling the normal teaching and performance.5, build a equipment, well-equipped doubling the orchestra guitar: besides doubling the teaching material and the selection of doubling the repertoire, ready to welcome when enough equipment and instruments, doubling the teaching performance in guitar, classical guitar or folk guitar, to choose the high quality of plug-in electric guitar, ensure the indoor and outdoor can be;Besides, attach great importance to the choice of sound equipment and tuning equipment even, equipment of special microphone of classic guitar of high restore degree, high quality, special tuning stage, special sound, it is the problem that cannot ignore absolutely.6, guitar ensemble tutorial and repertoire selection has a decisive influence: guitar ensemble teaching material and repertoire selection, is a decisive influence, textbook, repertoire selection, guitar ensemble teaching and performance will be very smooth, especially the selection of repertoire, to consider many factors:The progress and level of students, the collocation and reserve among members, the quality of guitars and audio equipment, the judgment of audience groups and audience groups, and even the needs and environmental atmosphere of venues, festivals and occasions, etc.Anyhow, doubling the teaching guitar, first of all, is a science, is an art, is a comprehensive discipline, also have mass and sociality, these are developing, doubling the teaching must pay attention to the problems, the promotion of the guitar, you must keep enough concept, methods and experience of consciousness, of course, must have a higher level of operation and operation level.– Editor Liu Jun March 27, 2022