Handan Cadillac XT4 discount of 50000 yuan is now the car is now

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Spring flowers, a hui to the end, Handan Xingkai, The Beginning of the Great Fortune, 2022!To have good luck to open handan Xingkai Cadillac 2022 “red start” invites you to the New Year “red” transport: Hengxin Auto, top 100 enterprises, Three a group, strong strength, large stock, Handan Hengxin Xingkai, now sufficient cars!Buy car through network channel enjoy multiple gift!Whole series of Cadillac models honour enjoy exclusive ShengHui courtesy: handan Cadillac XT4 preferential $50000 current car now.Make an appointment to the store test drive will send a beautiful gift;Cadillac all cars that various financial policy choice, ten percent down, low monthly payments to 899 yuan, luxury car XT4 drive home.Specially launched preferential insurance package, three years six times maintenance value set, let you carefree!Professional used car appraiser, free evaluation, replacement one-stop service, many activities and gifts, more details welcome into the store