From pure to cool, dilieba’s transition history and her five rumored boyfriends

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On the second day of the Chinese New Year, Dilieba’s news once again flooded the circle of friends, stunning everyone with her song “Chinese Dream · My Dream”.Di Lireba recurs the face of western region amorous feelings, the Xinjiang native flower of hot sexy figure, because of disposition lovely, absorb powder countless, ring gold countless, and her fame is not so one time wind is smooth however!Dilieba was born in xinjiang in 1992. She grew up in a family with a strong artistic atmosphere. Under the influence of her father, Dilieba had a strong interest in dancing since her childhood.Graduated from 15 years old, her hot drafted by xinjiang song and dance, became a formal member of the chorus, in the face of such a royal road, Dillon heat has made a different choice, Dillon hot bar instead of going to xinjiang song and dance, and want to continue their education, in her teacher’s advice, Dillon hot chose Shanghai theater academy.2010 Dillon hot smoothly enter the Shanghai theater academy, in the second year in a sophomore Dillon hot, opportunity to have a mirror, in the true story of ah, Abraham, since debut, who would have thought her hot peak is the debut, with “annah majolica” this drama Dillon hot be who nominated, and Dillon heat the name also began to enter the line of sight of the audience.In 2012, Dilieba appeared in Pocahontas starring Liu Shishi, Hu Ge and Eddie Peng, and her resources began to grow. Through Liu Shishi, Dilieba participated in The TV series “Legends of the Sword” starring Yang Mi and William Chan. Since then, she met Yang Mi and began her road to fame.The entertainment industry has always had talented actors, and Dilieba is one of them. After “Swords of Legends”, Dilieba has appeared in several productions, among which “La Lovers” makes Reba the most popular newcomer of the 7th year.And “Carla lovers” was considered by the audience to be Dilieba’s most proud work at that time.In the same year, Dilieba worked with Yang Mi again and Yang Mi starred in “Heartache”. This was the second time dilieba and Yang Mi worked together, and dilieba had become an artist under Yang Mi company by that time.And Yang Mi also began to tilt toward dilieba’s resources.If Dillon is famous of hot, before then and Yang mi cooperation in the junior iii li, peach blossom is to let the girl completely fame in xinjiang, with the junior iii li, peach blossom, lovely persistence of love return true emperor JiBaiFeng nine one horn, Dillon hot ba ones, although not starring attention degree is not lose starring Yang mi and zhao katyn again,In the drama, the love between baifengjiu, the queen of Qingqiu, and Donghuadijun makes many people heartache. Dili Reba took away the best female magnolia award for this role.Dillon strike while the iron is hot, hot again have appeared in many films like “the warlords beauty bright moon”, “melancholy grocery store,” the fire like the song “one thousand nights” junior iii pillow book “moon”, etc., but unexpectedly the play is play the reds not red, and this phenomenon also let her heat and her team are very upset,It seemed that dilieba had used up her lovely personality, so the company finally decided to make dilieba follow the example of Audrey Hepburn, turning the exotic Dilieba into a beautiful and cool princess.Effect it was sensational, hot every red carpet is the image of beautiful let you shine at the moment, but compared with the heat of the image shift people pay more attention to the boyfriend or her gossip, here can’t say it’s rumoured boyfriend, should say she is a gossip boyfriend, because and her hot to an affair of man is really too much,Here we take a look at Dilieba’s top five rumored boyfriends.Last year, it was reported that Huang’s car was photographed in Dilieba’s studio, which was suspected to be a visit to Dilieba. However, the studio later clarified that the car was owned by the studio, and that reba was in the car, and no one else was visiting the studio.But it was not long before it was reported that Huang jingyu and reba play together to escape from the chamber of Secrets intimate attitude.Huang jingyu played with her hair and pinched her feet to make everyone doubt, but fortunately there was no real hammer in addition.Reba is currently reported to be single.As for the relationship between two people I think the most clear or two people!Rumors of Lu han and Lu Han started on Running, possibly for the sake of the show’s effect, when they paired lu with Dilreba.The two fans are also crying out for each other, but when everyone is expecting good news, a piece of news from Lu Han has put an end to the speculation of gossip. In 2017, Lu Han official xuan and Guan Xiaotong’s love, put the rumor to rest.Reba also posted on social media that she smelled like a single person.Deng Lun is a bit strong according to the suspicion of the gossip, because an affair because Deng Lun kua hot and beautiful, and hot bar himself once said I hope my boyfriend’s height is 185, it was Deng Lun height, but all the rumor is full of contradictions, it is said that Deng Lun and hot working in “one thousand nights” director already stop,And two people because too put into and did not stop.However, neither Deng Lun nor Dilieba responded to this rumor. They are too busy to respond to this kind of news. In the end, the rumor is worth nothing.If the rumor about Zhang Binbin and Deng Lun is far-fetched, then the rumor about Zhang Binbin is full of facts. It is said that Reba and Zhang Binbin have always been good friends, and they are very close, and even cooperate many times. In “Fire as A Song”, they frequently interact with each other, so that the whole cast is guessing their relationship.And Zhang Binbin and reba’s CP sense is also full of beauty.However, according to Reba herself, she just regards Zhang Binbin as her younger brother and has no other thoughts, which is also a small pity!Gao Weiguang if before those gossip boyfriend is hearsay, then di Li reba and Gao Weiguang gossip is let people with relish, Donghua Dijun and qingqiu Baifeng nine love is how many people want to see, how many people in order to their love silently tears.There were rumors that two people had love because of the play, Gao Weiguang was once exposed to pursue Di Li reba, two people in valentine’s day interaction, and this is di Li Reba only time in valentine’s day and people interaction, before are sent some single news.At that time, the voice of two people together is really too high.But two people did not admit this feeling, do not know whether it really exists, as a melon crowd, the Lord or hope that Dili reba and Gao Weiguang together, after all, the Lord is donghua Dijun and Baifeng nine CP powder.Actually is ultimately rumours, the heat released by the state is still single, born in 92, heat is 30 years old, is also the time to talk about marriage, a good man, after all, still need to take the time to find, after no matter who is hot and the other half of the, just hope the xinjiang beautiful girl can find their own happiness, bless her!