First crossover Corolla CROSS action!Sports modeling +2.0L engine +CVT, also see what bin Wisdom

2022-08-18 0 By

For family SUVs, people are most concerned about models in the range of about 100,000 yuan at present, whether it is the latest domestic Great Wall Haf H6, or we are familiar with the Honda Bin Zhi and the latest crossover style version of Toyota Corolla, can be said to be the typical representatives of this type of models.The new sporty look of the Toyota Corolla Cross, which I’m going to share with you today, is also impressive.First crossover Corolla CROSS action!Sporty styling +2.0L engine +CVT first of all in terms of appearance compared to the normal version of the car, this model is more sporty.Design style, and this model also has a new 2.0 -liter engine or a 1.8 -liter engine as power, and adopt the new hybrid system, meanwhile it also USES the more suitable for city use CVT automatic transmission, driving up also will be more plain, it is worth mentioning that compared to common version of the model in terms of appearance,This model adopts the latest two-color body painting, which is very stylish and atmospheric. At the same time, this car also has the typical family characteristics of Toyota cars. Whether it is the recent grille or the latest style of lighting group, as well as the new sports aluminum wheels on the market, it makes this car look full of temperament.Compared to the exterior of the vehicle, in terms of details, this model also has its own unique charm, in addition to the two-color body, the car also has the latest style of black body eyebrows and the latest style.The rear taillight, the usual side waist line of the body and the elegant roof shape also make this car look very fashionable and grand. At the same time, this car also has multi-level rear taillight with full texture, and the latest style of vehicle rear bumper design, which can be said that the design is quite careful in details.It is worth mentioning that this model also has the center console we are all familiar with, and in many design elements with the sedan version of the Corolla, whether in functionality or practicality, have maintained the classic characteristics of Toyota cars.