“Evildoer president pet wife not greasy” said she was not close to female, and finally was a single mother won

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If you don’t have enough books recently, you will be happy to see here. The veteran bookworm D Bao is here with three fantastic novels.Like must collect, in case you get lost later!Today D treasure recommend to you: “evildoer president pet wife is not tired of” all say she is not close to female, finally unexpectedly by a single mother won the first “a read since, love meet the opponent” author: March 11 introduce: I spent all my efforts close to Pei Rong, personally send him into prison, finally from eat evil results, into a black hole, forever lost love.I didn’t sleep well this night, because I was always thinking about my hot search with Pei Rong’s follow-up development.Finally, shut it down.The consequences of shutting down the phone is the next day when the boot of all kinds of information like a bomb blast over.Mainly my mother and Lu Chengchuan.Speaking of Lu Chengchuan, he was the object of my love when I was young, and our two families are old and old. We often played together when we were young. Later they became rich, and the relationship between our two families became estranged.Yeah, even friends can break up.I immediately returned my mother’s call, she came to me because my brother’s company Huiyuan had a big problem.There were always problems, but because my dad didn’t allow me to interfere too much, I didn’t.But I did not expect that huiyuan’s problems this time are so serious as to close down.I couldn’t believe it. It was only five or six days before I went back to my hometown. How could something so big happen?I just got a picture of Pei Rong in my head?Could he have done it too?Just then, my dad called.”You don’t answer until I call you?”My dad growled through my phone case.(click on the below free reading) the second “uber President spoil his wife not be bored with” author: hand-held Ming pig (” uber President spoil his wife not be bored with “it is said that she was not nearly womanizing, finally was a single mother, scored) introduction: rumor has business legend prince xiao ye, handsome many gold, is the city of women’s dreams, is a person who is not interested in women.Do not want to be in one day by a single mother income in the bag, surprised many people eat melon jaw.So president Ao Jiao directly to a global live broadcast, “this woman is mine, this child is mine.”.Originally his dream male god as early as six years ago was reaped, crash, countless girls dream broken.Some female but a face proud jiao, “nonsense what, this child is my, this man……Well, it’s still on probation.”Into the pit guide: Shen Mo not stupid, how could she not hear lu aunt’s meaning?At the beginning, Lu’s family had been grateful to adopt her and provide food, housing and transportation for her. Lu Jiayi loved her, although lu’s parents were not willing to, but because they spoiled their son, they tacitly accepted even if they did not want to, but after that incident, Lu aunt obviously felt that she was no longer worthy of her son.Yes, a woman who even lost her virginity to no one knows who her son belongs to, what qualifications does she have to return to Lu Jiayi?However, she is not without heart, twelve years, she came to Lu’s home at the age of eight, lu Jiayi was ten years old at that time.They had been together for twelve years, and it would be false to say they were no longer in love.Aunt Lu let herself persuade Lu Jiayi to date, and then get married, this is how unreasonable requirements ah?Her heart is not made of iron, even as long as the thought of Lu Jiayi married, married to another woman, her heart will be dull pain.But what could be done?When she made that choice, she knew it would never be the same again.(click below to read for free) the third “my gorgeous maid” author: destroy the text tireless introduction: the college student Lin Hao of four years of chasing beauty accidentally obtained a god artifact.Congratulations on being the 499th soul angel with a luxury residence?A beautiful maid from heaven?I Lin Hao vowed to be in the city chi surprise cloud, come out ahead.Pit guide: “You come here, we go here.”Lin Hao said to Mai Li.Meng xiao xue looked at Lin Hao signal, there is the enemy blue buff next to the grass, Lin Hao hammerstone first went in that direction, meng Xiao Xue frowned, the area is not any vision, that is, there may be hidden in the local hero, think of Lin Hao just god general confidence prediction,Meng snow unexpectedly also followed Lin Hao drill into the grass that is higher than people.The other three people see Lin Hao himself to the direction of the enemy, will curse, see the light snow with the past after the words swallowed back to the stomach, the heart sour, with what goddess to die with you.Live broadcast of the barrage again because of Lin Hao this way to scold up., alas, is a platinum five after all, thought he was god hook immediately after inflation if it directly into the enemy there are hid three big fellow light snow don’t shut up, all blame the waste five, harm the goddess of us to take the risk of the two has been a while for drilling grass, several times of light snow wanted to go out to grass back online are Lin Hao phonate.Blue buff at this time a dark, in the MOE snow sigh ready to go back and teammates push the tower, the hook of the soul lock warden again waved.With light and wind, chains through the woods, ding!(Click below to read for free) The novel has been shared, do you think it is ok?Welcome to tell D Bao in the comments section, looking forward to your comments ~ Review of the past wonderful content: Nine Princesses, She is Beautiful and Sayin, was reborn as princess Of King Chong, who carried her to court every day!The straight-a student fiction author of “The Wicked Stepmother Dressed as Three Puppies,” travels back to her own farming essay!