Chinese New Year game recommendation, Redeemer b-movie action game

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Daily good swim countless, pay attention to small make up will not get lost.Here are some Redeemer games you can play this Holiday season!Translated as Redeemer, the game is a God ‘s-eye action RPG in which players take on the role of vasily, an elite spy and fierce brawler who once worked for one of the world’s largest cybernetic weapons manufacturers.When working in its security services, the mission is usually assassination, infiltration, extortion and even torture.When the company decides to turn Vasily into a cyborg soldier, Vasily escapes to an isolated monastery deep in the snowy mountains.For 20 years, Vasily sought peace and harmony with the monks of the monastery, but he was still haunted by the killings of his past. After 20 years, the company finally approached Vasily’s position, and in doing so, it gave Vasily a chance to redeem himself.It’s a great game for those who like to fight, where you use fists, hammers, guns, and even the environment to punch, attack, and blast away enemies.Take advantage of these brutal yet diverse and unique attacks to give the player the most fulfilling combat experience.Redeemer is built with unreal engine 4, so the graphics are very smooth and the models are very detailed, especially the scene interaction and destruction effect of some scenes. However, due to the overall style of the game, the screen is dark and some scenes are eye-dazzling, so the overall problem is not serious.In terms of sound effects, the sound effects of the melee fists hitting the flesh, the execution and scene interaction, the breaking wind of bullets, etc., are all fairly standard, which is pretty good for a small studio.God games by overlooking the 45 ° perspective, when the player executed the enemy or to interact with the scene will be in a short period of time switch into parallel 3 d view, 45 ° Angle has the advantage of all the enemy’s position is very clear, so stealth kill or be a headstrong, can be like a duck to water in the battle, in the middle of the game will have a lot of variants out from all directions,Use good perspective, farsightedness to find the position of the strange in advance, slowly push the map, to avoid being surrounded by a large number of enemies to death.Combat experience of the game’s biggest advantage is that smooth combat experience, movements smooth, great variety, blow foot feeling, can interact with scene, weapons and also many different kinds of gun, after all, the protagonist in the background vassili is a top secret agent, a sword sticks a cinch, also provides many different melee weapons in the game, also provide a large number of guns,After 20 years as a monk, he is also very good at boxing and kicking.In the game, battle of degrees of freedom is very high, players can with his bare hands fight our way out, also can use all sorts of different melee weapon combat rhythm, such as the dagger attack rate is fast, able to knock down the enemy’s clubs, and so on, also can use a variety of firearms customs clearance, not only that, but also placed on the map many props can throw, hit the enemy or a hard straight,Kills enemies with low health in seconds.Xiaobian after experiencing this game really feel good, if you Spring Festival at home idle to boring, this game is absolutely suitable for you, I believe you will also fall in love with this game after trying the game action design!What fun games did you buy for Spring Festival?