Cheng Ruming: Served as MAO Zedong’s chef for 22 years, invented MAO’s braised pork, after finishing the meal will destroy the menu

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Braised pork in soy sauce is Chairman MAO’s favorite food, but chairman MAO does not like to eat soy sauce.Since you don’t like soy sauce, why do you like to eat braised pork?Speaking of which, we must mention Chairman MAO’s chef cheng Ruming.Cheng Ruming, who was responsible for Chairman MAO’s diet, studied chairman MAO’s eating habits carefully and improved the method of braised pork in brown sauce in his own way, which is also the origin of “MAO style braised pork in brown sauce”.But most importantly, Cheng destroys the menu every day to keep MAO’s eating habits out.How did Cheng Ruming become Chairman MAO’s chef?It all started back in 1952.In 1952, many foreigners were coming to China for a conference.In order to let these foreigners can eat “home food”, every person in charge of the reception staff racked their brains.On this day, the conductor in charge of escorting foreigners is worried: where to find cooks who can do western food?How to make the guests happy?Cheng Ruming, the conductor, said to the conductor, “I can make western food. If there is no one suitable, I can have a try.”Hear The words of Cheng Ruming, the conductor although some do not believe, time is pressing has no opportunity to find others, can only promise to let Cheng Ruming try.That’s how conductor Cheng Ruming became the chef on the train.To our surprise, the conductor is so skilled in cooking dishes that he doesn’t look like a novice at all.Every foreigner who had eaten western food was surprised to think there was a foreign chef on board.When they knew it was made by a Chinese chef, they were amazed.It is because of this western food for foreigners that cheng Ruming’s story has spread to many people.It is also because of this opportunity, Cheng Ruming step by step to become Chairman MAO’s special chef.Clearly is a train conductor, why can do western food?Cheng Ruming itself is a chef, and through systematic learning…Cheng Ruming was born in 1926, the oldest child in his family.In this era of poverty, Cheng Ruming very early rise to reduce the family burden of the idea.But because I was too young, I never had a chance.At the age of 13, Cheng finally decided to leave the village and find a job to support himself.Just his uncle in Tianjin to work, you can find a job together.However Cheng Ruming is just a child after all, family members try their best to dispel the enthusiasm of Cheng Ruming’s work, the results are persuaded by Cheng Ruming, agreed to his request to work.After coming to Tianjin, Cheng ruming worked in a restaurant.After hearing that he could earn money as a chef and support a large family, Cheng became an apprentice, learning skills from the chef.At that time, there were many foreign forces in Tianjin. In order to cater to the taste of these people, many western restaurants appeared in Tianjin, and Cheng Ruming’s restaurant was one of the local famous western restaurants.At first, Cheng just learned some basic skills and occasionally helped the chef prepare and wash dishes.Over time, the chef took notice of the hard-working young man and taught him all his skills.However, on the way to learn skills, Cheng Ruming suffered a lot. Many apprentices at the same time have quit, and only he is still persevering.With the understanding of western food, Cheng Ruming found a big drawback of the current western food: serious Chinese, lost the original characteristics.At this moment Cheng Ruming is already a head chef, had his pursuit to chef career.In order to learn authentic Western food, Cheng changed to a British restaurant on the recommendation of his teacher.In this western restaurant made up entirely by The British, Cheng Ruming also gained the chef’s affirmation, learned more authentic Western food, salary is getting better and better, and realized the original goal of trying to make a living for his family.Until the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Cheng became a railway worker and joined the construction of the motherland, giving up his dream of being a chef.After 1952 that opportunity, Cheng Ruming this just start afresh old profession.In 1954, Chairman MAO often had meals on the train in order to visit various parts of the country, and would invite the staff to have dinner with him.More and more people eat, chef Li Xiwu pressure is growing, put forward to the organization to find a comrade will cook for help.At this time distance from Cheng Ruming to foreigners to prepare western food just over a year, the quota naturally fell on Cheng Ruming.Because Cheng Ruming specializes in western food, is not familiar with Chinese food, so at the beginning can only prepare some noodles and other snacks for Li Xiwu.However, Cheng ruming was not satisfied with this, but followed Li Xiwu to learn Chinese food from scratch.In Cheng Ruming unremitting efforts, he not only became chairman MAO’s chef, but also take up chairman MAO’s diet responsibility, such a dry is 22 years.In order to make dishes in line with Chairman MAO’s taste, Cheng Ruming asked experienced staff about Chairman MAO’s habits and tailored meals that both meet the taste and ensure nutrition for Chairman MAO.The only thing that surprised Cheng was that MAO did not eat soy sauce.It turned out that Chairman MAO had seen the technology of making soy sauce when he was a child, especially after seeing insects crawling in the soy sauce jar, chairman MAO felt uncomfortable at the sight of soy sauce ever since.Can do soy sauce pork needs to use soy sauce, without soy sauce, there is no beautiful color.After much thought, Cheng uses sugar instead of soy sauce, which gives the meat both color and taste.When the modified version of braised pork in brown sauce was put in front of MAO, he had to be reassured that it might contain soy sauce before tasting it.This taste does not matter, this method of braised pork in brown sauce won chairman MAO’s great praise.In 2018, “MAO’s braised pork in soy sauce” was included in hunan’s top ten classic dishes.In addition to the braised pork in brown sauce, when Chairman MAO invited Puyi, a hot pepper mixed with bitter melon was also made by Cheng Ruming, so puyi fell in love with the dish, but no one can perfectly reproduce the taste of Cheng Ruming’s recipe.When Food was scarce in China, Chairman MAO ordered meat not to be served on his table.Cheng Ruming in order to ensure the nutrition of the chairman, secretly added meat to the pancake filling, and with lard and noodles, so that the chairman can take in some more nutrition.What’s more, Cheng re-customizes MAO’s menu every day and has it reviewed by a dedicated staff.After each audit, Cheng Ruming will destroy the menu, to avoid the heart of the people seize loopholes, make harmful chairman MAO’s move.When Cheng Ruming followed Chairman MAO to show his talents, his family did not know about his brilliant experience, even his specific occupation.Although chef is just an ordinary job, Cheng Ruming proves that ordinary job can shine as long as you put your heart into it.