Chen Ronghua: Promote the spirit of Tai Chi, strengthen cultural confidence

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He is a devotee of Chen style Taijiquan. For a long time, he has made unremitting efforts to promote the national fitness activities and promote Chen style taijiquan.He is the county CPPCC member, Chen style taijiquan twelfth generation successor, Guangxi home stay association vice president, Guilin home stay association vice president, Yangshuo County Taijiquan Association president Chen Ronghua.Chen Ronghua came to Yangshuo in 1999, he opened a martial arts school, participated in many national and regional taijiquan competitions and invitational competitions, and achieved excellent results.In recent years, Chen Ronghua followed Master Chen Zhonghua to teach Chen style Taijiquan in Indonesia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, which also attracted many Chinese and foreign tourists to Yangshuo for study tour.At the end of 2019, the yangshuo Taijiquan Association was established under the initiative of Chen Ronghua to promote Chen’s practical taijiquan techniques.In October of the same year, Yangshuo Taijiquan Association and Ruifeng Scenic spot jointly held the first Taijiquan activity of the Thousand People double Ninth Festival, to explore the integration of culture and tourism, sports and tourism in Yangshuo.Walking into Chen Ronghua’s tai Chi studio, you can see people from all over the world practicing tai chi, and the culture of tai Chi has been deeply rooted in their lives.Chen Ronghua believes that Tai Chi is China’s own traditional culture, and should not be confined to old men and women in the park.As a kind of cultural inheritance, taijiquan should enter enterprises, communities, campuses and villages to carry forward the spirit of taiji.Chen Ronghua, chairman of Yangshuo County Taijiquan Association, said: What we plan to do is to divide it into four steps. First, taijiquan goes into enterprises, then taijiquan goes into communities, then taijiquan goes into schools, and finally taijiquan goes into villages.Since 2018, we have basically realized the four steps, the four steps plan, and laid a foundation for the local atmosphere of practicing Tai Chi and inheriting Tai Chi culture, including the whole Yangshuo County, which I think is quite good.Name believe that today’s tourism market is from traditional purpose to leisure vacationing industry transformation, many tourists has not only confined to the way of traditional travel tour type, more willing to participate in some can promote health and restore physical energy, strengthen the consciousness of physical exercise of sports leisure tourism projects, and yangshuo landscape enjoys a high reputation all over the world,If the Chinese traditional culture taijiquan is enriched, it will attract more friends from all over the world to come here, feel our Chinese landscape and experience our Chinese traditional culture.Chen Ronghua, chairman of Taijiquan Association of Yangshuo County, county CPPCC member: I hope to change the cognition of taijiquan as much as possible, and also hope that more people join in, practice taijiquan together, inherit and carry forward our quintessence of Chinese culture.In recent years, the county has actively developed the characteristic boutique home stay industry and encouraged local people to participate in tourism services, so that tourists can get more considerate services, while promoting local people’s employment and income, and helping the rural revitalization.Chen Ronghua also took the development of homestay industry, the development of a total of 6 cultural tourism, health, leisure and vacation as one of the boutique homestay.Chen Ronghua, president of Taijiquan Association of Yangshuo County: As a member of the CPPCC, I will continue to care about and pay attention to public welfare undertakings in the future, and make more efforts in the inheritance and development of taijiquan culture, so as to make positive suggestions and contributions to the economic development of Yangshuo.Authors: Chen Xiwen, Tang Yiping, Mo Zhenling, Zhang Meikun