Auspicious year of the Tiger, happy New Year feeling together

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Have no money to go home for the New Year, this is to listen to parents say to us since childhood.When we grow up, the Spring Festival in the bustling big city always feel a little bit less flavor.Hence the Great North-south Migration.Tiger year, the New Year, everywhere is the taste of New Year, the taste of happiness.Every family is plastered with Spring Festival couplets, full of blessings.Writing Spring Festival couplets, hanging Spring Festival couplets and pasting blessing stickers became a custom.These flourishing adornment hangs the room, the instant feels different warmth.Every Spring Festival, no matter urban or rural, every family should pick beautiful red Spring Festival couplets posted on the door, to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the New Year, increasing the festive festive atmosphere.Another source of Spring couplets is spring paste, the ancients in the beginning of spring more than stick “Yicchun” two words, later gradually developed into spring couplets, expressed the Chinese working people a good wish to ward off evil and get rid of disasters, welcome good luck, this is the Taste of the New Year, simple decoration, sustenance of our yearning for a better life, good expectations for the New Year.The New Year has good luck, good fortune.A happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger taste thick Happy New Year, the year of the tiger auspicious.During the Spring Festival, what I feel most is the New Year’s greetings.No matter where we go, whether we know or not, we all wish each other a happy New Year.Back home, the New Year with bags of fruit, snacks and so on, a family of relatives to visit the New Year.Pay a New Year’s visit, go to relatives home without dinner, eat dim sum.That bowl of hot noodles, a bowl of warm soup, is the thick flavor of the New Year, is a precious taste of happiness.Now still folk between relatives and friends of the New Year is mostly out of sincerity, hope their relatives in the New Year everything goes well.Because of the epidemic, there are many new ways to pay New Year’s greetings, such as video, SMS and so on. No matter which way, this thick New Year’s greetings will continue, and this wonderful blessing will continue.Chinese New Year, the most happy is parents, family, all the year round is looking forward to the children in other places to return home, together with the Chinese New Year, round.The Flavor of The New Year is that everyone gets together to bake a fire, knock melon seeds together, and eat familiar food together.It’s like the smell of childhood is coming back.In the New Year, I hope everyone can be healthy, happy and healthy. Celebrating the New Year together is the best taste of the New Year.Together is the best New Year’s day, in a happy year, happy year, auspicious year.This article is originally written by north Guangdong tea, without permission, anyone and media shall not be reproduced!