Although Du Yuesheng was the boss of the Green gang, his youngest son was not ordinary. After returning to China in his old age, he donated thousands of ancient coins

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Du Yuesheng is the big head of the famous green gang. In Shanghai, he is just like god. As long as he does things, others are willing to give him a face.During the Anti-Japanese War, he also made great contributions to China.In fact, Du Yuesheng’s son Du Weishan is also a patriot, but he has a lower profile than his father and contributes to the country by donating cultural relics, so few people know about his existence.In 1933, Du Yuesheng’s favorite concubine gave birth to his son Du Weishan. Looking at the pink son, Du Felt very happy.Unlike the other brothers, Du Was left behind and raised by his father from an early age.Du Yuesheng was very fond of this unitary boy. Besides teaching him some truths about life, she also taught him some business matters.To outsiders, it appears that Du wants du to be her successor.Du Weishan grew up in the green gang and naturally shaped a chivalrous personality. Although his family was wealthy, he never bullied others at school.On the contrary, because he is very loyal, so became king of the children, the surrounding children love to find him to play.One by one, he seemed to have his own team.If born in the prosperous times, Du Weishan’s life trajectory should be very similar to his father. When he grows up smoothly, he takes over his father’s class safely, and then becomes the new master of the Green Gang, and becomes his rich young master with a sense of peace.But things didn’t work out, and the war began.Looking at the devastated city of Shanghai, Du Weishan seems to have grown up overnight.Although the Green Gang is a gang, but never ambiguous in national righteousness.At that time, Du Yuesheng heard that the funds for the Anti-Japanese War were insufficient, so he took the initiative to donate some money for the Anti-Japanese War.And in order to achieve victory in the war of Resistance, Du Yuesheng also called on the green gang, must unite against Japan, the Japanese out of Shanghai as soon as possible.This approach of Du Yuesheng completely overturned the impression of the gang, but also to Du Weishan played a very good driving role.Under the guidance of her father, Du Weishan also realized what is the great national justice and what should be done as a Chinese in times of crisis to live up to the land where she was raised.After the relations between the Kuomintang and the Communist party deteriorated, the Kuomintang put forward many favorable conditions in order to win Du Yuesheng’s support, but the KUOMINTANG also received help from Du Yuesheng in private.When the People’s Republic of China was founded, the Kuomintang even proposed that he go to Taiwan with them in order to woo him.But Du yuesheng had his own considerations. He was Chinese and didn’t want to take sides or watch his own team play, so he compromised and went to Hong Kong.However, the situation in Hong Kong at that time was more complicated than that in Shanghai. After Du Yuesheng arrived there, no one respected him and he could only be reduced to a common man.In 1951, Du Yuesheng died for various reasons, and his son Du Weishan was only 18 years old.Widows and orphans, it’s hard to survive in a different place.To support herself, Du suggested moving to Taiwan with her mother so she could finish her education.After arriving in Taiwan, Du received preferential treatment and he was able to continue his studies.After studying abroad, Du weishan has been thinking about how to get along with his motherland.He wants to go back to Korea, but he is worried that he will not be accepted.In 1979, Du weishan read “Message to Compatriots in Taiwan” and understood the will of the motherland, so he couldn’t wait to return to China.No matter how long you’ve been out there, it’s better to go back to your hometown.When Du Weishan returned to Shanghai, he felt relaxed and at ease.He couldn’t wait to do something for his hometown, so he donated his collection of Ancient Sassanian coins to the country.That’s a lot of money, you know.Sassanian coins were valuable at the time, and Du collected thousands of them.He even sold his old house in Shanghai to collect the coins.If these ancient coins are well preserved until today, the total value is about 2 billion yuan.Hearing that he would donate all these ancient coins, the whole Shanghai and literary circle were shocked.We all know that Du Yuesheng is a kind character, never ambiguous in front of big right and wrong.But did not expect his son Du Weishan unexpectedly like him, is also a very patriotic patriots, for the motherland made such a great contribution.The reason why Du weishan is so patriotic is certainly inseparable from the words and deeds of Du Yuesheng. His great righteousness to the motherland deserves to be remembered, and his contribution to the Anti-Japanese War deserves to be familiar with and understood by everyone.To Chinese, the father and son are chivalrous patriots who never forget who they are and always care about their country wherever they go.