After the Qingming festival must prevent the death of “spring disease”!Make sure you see it for your family

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Intermittent spring rain, accompanied by gradually warm weather, human body function also began to slowly wake up from the winter.However, when the cold, the most difficult to rest.Various “spring sickness” followed, and some of the weaker people were even more susceptible to illness than in winter.Before and after the Qingming Festival should pay more attention to the family must see!Spring is the high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases season, due to the changeable weather, warm and cold, bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms took the opportunity to invade the human body, especially prone to cause influenza, meningitis, gills and other respiratory infectious diseases.Meanwhile, as temperatures rise, infectious diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease are also on the rise.If do not pay attention to exercise at ordinary times, coupled with indoor air circulation, it is easy to happen the epidemic of respiratory infectious diseases.2 Bone and joint disease In spring in south China, wet and cold is exactly the inducement of bone and joint disease.The old man pays attention to keep warm in winter, but spring is easy to neglect however, cause bone joint disease to have a relapse or accentuate.In order to prevent the onset of bone and joint disease in spring, it is necessary to do a good job in cold and warm, if necessary, you can wear knee pads and wrist guards;Do moderate and lasting exercise, such as brisk walking and jogging.In the diet can also absorb some more calcium, vitamin rich food, can slow down osteoporosis, reduce the occurrence of bone and joint pain.3 Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases As the weather gets warmer in spring, people’s outdoor activities increase, and the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle also increases.The elderly’s autoimmune function declines, and their chances of suffering from wind chill and bacterial infection also increase. They are prone to cold, fever, lung infection and other respiratory diseases, which may induce or aggravate cardiovascular diseases.Temperature difference is larger, the regulation of vascular contraction and relaxation requirements are higher, therefore, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cerebral apoplexy, etc., are more likely to occur in spring.Remind everyone to eat light diet, choose low salt, low fat, high fiber diet, keep bowel movement smooth.4 Be alert to allergic diseases such as skin allergy, allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc.Spring flowers, the recovery of all living things, plant flowers, pollen and catkins, air microbes, etc., belong to allergens.Easy to cause allergic allergic reaction, such as itching eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, tears and other phenomena.Most of them are seasonal rhinitis.People who need to pay attention to are: people who are allergic to pollen and willow catkins, people with allergic constitution, and asthma patients.Keeping in mind the “Three qi” qingqi Qingming Festival ancestor worship, many people will remember memories, sad and depressed mood, this is human nature.But excessive meditation in sadness, will lead to emotional depression, block qi and induce or aggravate cardiovascular diseases.Therefore, after ancestor worship on Tomb-sweeping Day, we should pay attention to stabilize our emotions.Qingming is the season of growth of all things, the mood should be smooth, through outdoor walking, outing and other activities, to clear the mind, to achieve the purpose of pleasure.Spring is the liver Yang rising season, the liver gas in the body during the Qingming festival to reach the most flourishing, but also the high incidence of infectious diseases such as influenza period, to adhere to the outdoor, to the park, to the river walk, breathe fresh air, and appropriate exercise, in the face of pine and cypress do deep breathing, give your lungs for a change of air.Qingliver Qi Qingming Festival, a bowl of “Ming qian tea” every day, has the effect of water dispelling dampness, activating blood circulation, Ming Qian tea is the scavenger of blood vessels, can promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, can qingliver and gallbladder.The tea picked before Qingming festival is called “Mingqian Tea”, mainly including Longjing tea from West Lake, Huangshan Maofeng tea, Dongting Biluochun tea and other varieties. When brewing mingqian tea, water with a temperature of about 80℃ should be used, too high a temperature is easy to damage the nutritional components of tea.Qingming before and after the “three points” Qingming foot bath square: Wormwood, Artemisia argyi, each 20 grams, boiled blister feet.More beating gallbladder meridian, often massage shengyang gallbladder acupoints, such as phase door, Sun and Moon, Yangling spring.1 | door hole for liver meridian in a cave.Period, expectation, appointment meaning;A door, a gateway to or from.It means that the moist air from the middle of the sky enters the liver meridian.Massage this acupoint, can calm the liver qianyang, liver and spleen.2 | moon cave foot shaoyang gallbladder main points.Located in the cold and hot boundary of Yin and Yang, hence the name sun and moon.Sun, sun, sun;Moon, moon, Yin.”On a” for gallbladder, so this point can collect gallbladder through qi and blood.The sun and moon points collect gallbladder through qi and blood.Massage this point, can relieve the treatment of vomiting, fullness, rib pain, acid swallowing, jaundice, etc.| 3 gb 34 Yang, sun be the spirit also;Tombs, mounds also.Spring, endless stream also.The point name means that the ground part of the gallbladder is vaporized in large quantities by water.Often massage this point, can dehumidify and turbidity.Qingming before and after eating like this, the body relaxed a year without disease spring is rising season liver Yang, liver qi in the body at the qingming festival to reach the most prosperous, so the diet should be light eat less hair.In terms of diet, we should focus on calming the liver, tonifying the kidney and moistening the lung, avoid eating dry food and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables on the market.Avoid the Qingming festival, should not eat “hair” food, such as mutton and dog meat, should not be eaten during the Qingming Festival.2 appropriate to eat bamboo shoots, chicken and other food can be soft liver and lung beware of spring disease before and after Qingming, keep in mind the “three qi”, according to the three points, eat four dishes, Qingming body, comfortable for a whole year ~ (Nourishing health master)