Academician Zhong Nanshan’s ward round: Refused to go to the bedside of the patient “armchair strategist”

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China Youth Daily Client Guangzhou, March 23 (China Youth Daily · China Youth network reporter Lin Jie) For the two causes of diagnosis is not very clear respiratory difficult cases, how to develop the next step of the treatment strategy?Today, Academician Zhong Nanshan led a team to the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Datansha Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, and visited the bedside of two difficult cases for consultation and examination.A few days ago, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University datansha Respiratory department admitted two difficult cases.A 54-year-old male patient, Mr. Lin, began to develop symptoms of cough, dizziness and vomiting without obvious inducement in mid-February 2021, especially the symptoms became more serious after opening eyes. Bronchoscopy and lumbar puncture cerebrospinal fluid examination revealed the presence of Nocardia.Xiao Zhan, a 23-year-old female patient with cough and dyspnea for more than two months, was repeatedly intubated and extubated in another hospital, and later transferred to the Respiratory Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University due to extubation difficulties.Zhong had already done his homework and read their medical records in detail.In order to get closer to the patient, Zhong nanshan sat down next to Lin and began to inquire about his condition like a “daily conversation”. During physical examination and auscultation, he did not miss every detail, from the eyes and throat to the old scars on his fingers and legs, and analyzed the relevance of his condition.Later, Zhong nanshan came to Xiaozhan’s bedside. She was thin to less than 35 kg due to a long period of malnutrition, and her voice was hoarse and very weak due to a long period of intubation and fatigue.Zhong nanshan tried to get close to her and patiently listened to Xiaozhan’s description of his illness and feelings.During the auscultation examination for her, Zhong Nanshan bent down and gently supported her back to help her sit up. He warmed the stethoscope with his hand and then put it on the patient’s body, which has become his “habit” of more than 60 years of medical practice.During the half hour bedside round, Zhong Nanshan patiently communicated with the patients and their families about their conditions, carried out a series of auscultation examinations for the patients in detail, and reminded the students and young doctors around him of the problems that needed to be paid attention to.The reporter learned that, although before the room inspection, the doctor in charge has given detailed examination materials to Zhong Nanshan, but he still insisted on going to the bedside first, not “armchair strategist”.Zhong Nanshan believes that it is necessary to go to the clinical front line and bedside of patients to obtain first-hand information.This is the soul of “Academician round”, and also the “mandatory action” before every discussion of multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of respiratory difficult cases (MDT).After bedside rounds, Zhong nanshan immediately participated in case discussion.Multidisciplinary experts conducted in-depth multi-dimensional discussions and layers of analysis around the difficulties and doubts raised in case reports, and put forward relevant diagnostic opinions.At this point, including the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university professor Li Shiyue professor, professor zhang and rich, excavate and professor Luo Yuanming an expert, domestic famous, as well as the intensive medicine, clinical laboratory, department, imaging and nuclear medicine, rheumatism immunity, onset, otolaryngology, such as multi-disciplinary experts, has been in the meeting with a big screen broadcast system,Watched zhong Nanshan bedside ward round the whole process.”These two cases involve multiple disciplines and are well worth discussing together.”Zhong nanshan said that the national Respiratory Medical Center should have the ability to solve difficult diseases, which requires multi-disciplinary participation, mutual support and mutual learning.Through detailed discussion between Zhong Nanshan and the experts, the two complicated and difficult cases were clarified, the diagnosis was clarified, and the next treatment plan was formulated.It is reported that the “Academician ward round” project is a series of activities sponsored by Guangzhou Respiratory Health Research Institute of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University. Academician Zhong Nanshan and authoritative experts in various fields jointly discuss and formulate diagnosis and treatment plans of difficult cases through bedside ward round live broadcast and remote interactive clinical case discussion and teaching mode.(Photo provided by the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University) (Source: China Youth Daily client)