A Yuan Dynasty New Year’s Eve ghost story (Happy Year of the Tiger!

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I find that more and more people will not stick couplets, just look at one, the upper and lower couplets are opposite.Look at my neighbor’s. It’s the other way around.The upper tone is collected, the lower tone is collected, and then the horizontal tone is collected. If the horizontal tone is written from left to right, the upper tone is collected to the left, and if the horizontal tone is written from left to right, the upper tone is collected to the right.For the first time in many years, I didn’t go back home or play abroad for Spring Festival.New Year’s Eve turned over a yuan dynasty strange stories collection “strange stories total record”, which included a New Year’s Eve ghost story, to share with you.”Beijing custom, every night, must be on the kitchen toilet and other places.(It was the custom of the Jing Shi generation to light up the kitchen and toilet every New Year’s Eve.)That is, according to the waste.(This custom is called “wasting”.)Now some places still have this particular.”Waste” refers to the “waste ghost,” a ghost whose skill is to make your wealth go away and make every happy event a funeral.Speaking of useless ghost, we may not have heard, but Zhong Kui all know pa?Zhong Kui’s first appearance in history is to catch the useless ghost.A short story is recorded in The History of Tang Yi. Emperor Xuanzong had a dream in which an imp dressed in red stole his jade flute and Yang Guifei’s sachet. He also showed off proudly in front of Emperor Xuanzong, who asked him who he was.Empty, looking empty, stealing property like play;Consumptive, consumptive somebody else happy event becomes sorrow.Xuanzong was furious and asked the warriors in front of the palace to arrest him.At that moment a great ghost appeared, dressed in a ragged hat, a blue horn-belt, and high boots. He caught the boy, gouged out his eyes, and then split him open and ate him.Xuanzong asked who he was, and he said, “My name is Zhong Kui.”After xuanzong woke up, he asked Wu Daozi to draw zhong Kui’s portrait. After that, every family pasted Zhong Kui’s portrait to drive away ghosts.In addition to post zhong Kui, the best way to deal with the ghost is to light up the oil lamp, which is the custom of the New Year’s Eve said in front of “light up the empty”, the oil lamp does not go out all night, to the Japanese extinguish.Have zhao again, make 2 small girl Lord.(In one family, two maids were in charge of lighting the lanterns on New Year’s Eve.)A girl li hemp oil ze hair, then easy toilet lamp to tong ointment.The word “li” here should mean “greedy for profit”.Ancient people also had the habit of hair care, usually using various ointments, sesame oil is one of them.In the meantime, sesame oil can be used to light lamps.In this story, a sesame oil lamp is supposed to be lit on New Year’s Eve.One of the little servant girls in order to get sesame oil to embellish hair, the sesame oil that should have been used for the toilet lamp was corrupted and replaced with tong ointment.Tong Ointment can also light a lamp.At night, when her female servant was in a toilet, she saw a woman three feet long, purple dress coming out of the toilet.(Wait until midnight, there are other maids to go to the toilet, see a height of more than three feet of woman, hair, wearing a big red skirt from the toilet out.Fat friends know that now a chi is 33.3333333 centimeters, ancient times a chi is shorter than today’s chi, shang dynasty a chi is less than 20 centimeters, Qin and Han a chi more than 20 centimeters, generally speaking, the standard of a chi is getting longer and longer, to the Song and Yuan dynasties, 31cm or so, close to today.A little over three feet is a meter high.He is small and wears big red, which is to match the image of the useless ghost.Carrying a small suitcase for new clothes of various colors, folded in the corner of the wall.(The ghost carries a small chest full of new motley clothes, folded in the corner.)Maidservant cry and return, tell its kind, all go to view, to have nothing to see.(The handmaid screamed and ran back to tell the others, and they went to see it together, but when they arrived, they did not see the ghost.)Those who change oil alone cry out for their land.(only before the oil change that servant girl, “ah” fell to the ground.)All help to return, to save the decoction, when moving square Sue.(They help her back and give her some medicine, and it is some time before she comes to.)The first words are not easy to tong ointment lamp, just so far, hit by the ghost.(She said that she should not have replaced the oil with tong ointment before, and just arrived, she was attacked by a ghost.)Yun: I am a asshole, but it hurts a lot.(Being human is not how you are, but when you are.”Standing in the village” means going to the toilet.”Asshole” originally refers to a pig pen, but in this word, a pig is circled in “swine”.In order to save fertilizer, toilets and pigsty were often combined into one during the Qin and Han dynasties. When you go to museums, take a look at them.Why call it “Deng Asshole”?Because at that time the toilet is high, there is a ladder, people climb up to release, the so-called “climb”.The toilet is placed in the corner of the pigpen. With the effort of the second floor, Biu flies off the pigpen and becomes fodder for the pigs.When people go to the toilet, it’s always filled with happy air and pig sounds.As a result, the word “asshole” and “toilet” both have a dual meaning, referring to a toilet and a pigsty.”The Book of Han · Wu Five son biography” records, When Emperor Wudi son Of Yan King Liu Dan preparation for rebellion, the sky ominous, rainbow drooping to the palace well, the well water sucked dry, and, “in the toilet swine group, bad big official kitchen.”The “toilet” here refers to the pigsty.All the pigs from the palace escaped and crashed the kitchen stove.Say more.In ancient times, “deng” also has a polite word.Su Shi once commented on Liu Yong’s book, “Where the wine wakes up tonight, the willow bank, the xiaofeng ruins the moon,” and said, “The boatman (boatman) rises above the tree,” meaning, it describes a boatman going to the toilet.Imagine, boatman drink too much, abandon ship landing, to the shore of the tree to open the gate water, relieved at the same time, looked up to see the sky, xiao Feng xu, willow wave, mind big chang, artistic conception is really good.Later, it was also used to refer to going to the bathroom.”Choice” here does not mean an ulcer, a sore.The ghost said that when I was a man, I went to the toilet silent, resulting in my ass sores, pain bubbling.The logic is not very clear.Silent on the toilet, does that mean you don’t talk or you don’t make a sound during release?In order not to make any noise, so a ray of hold out, long if this goes on, local dysfunction, leading to hemorrhoids?Does that make sense?I dare to steal the oil to paint it today.(Just borrow today’s lamp oil to wipe buttocks, slightly relieve the pain, you dare to steal!)The ghost said while beating the servant girl.Square beat, family generation more, but give up.”(While cutting her, many people came and the ghost let her go.)What does the story tell us?New Year’s Eve not a person, otherwise, the ghost beat no one to save.