4 ways to Find a Fly hole for termites

2022-08-18 0 By

In addition to termites destroy termites, four methods to teach you how to find general hole Oriental hanno insecticidal | termite is a bigger a kind of social insect damage.Termite hazards in the home are generally difficult to be found directly by us.Because termite nests are usually hidden, how do you find a split hole?1. To quickly find splitter holes inside a building, focus on wood products or wood structures.And warm, moist nooks and crannies.Oriental Hannol tips: the interior of the building should focus on wooden products, such as floor skirting, door frame, window frame, staircase, wood beam, ceiling, etc.2, the building external to pay attention to the gap between the soil and the wall, concrete slab, stone gap foundation, pipeline connection, drainage system, eaves, trees, fences, cable Wells and pipeline systems.Oriental Hannol tips: Adjacent buildings also need to focus on the object of investigation.3, hidden wet areas such as electrical socket, instrument box, wardrobe, cupboards, kitchen sink under the toilet, under the tub, basement attic ceiling and gypsum board, etc..4, the gap or connection between the door frame and the ground gap wall expansion joints, air conditioning pipelines and wires, cables and other objects gap or connection.Pay attention to Oriental Hanno insecticide, get more eradication knowledge