What is the difference between automatic parking and uphill assistance?You’ll find out after you read it

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In today’s society with advanced science and technology, cars are no longer a rare thing, and with the continuous development and improvement of automobile functions, more and more configurations are available on cars, but the increase in configurations also makes it more and more difficult for owners to distinguish their specific functions, so it is difficult to use these functions reasonably.Automatic parking and uphill assistance, for example, are known to help us brake and prevent slipping, but the differences between them may be difficult to describe in a word. Today we will take a look at them in detail.1: automatic parking automatic parking (AUTO HOLD), simply speaking, can be understood as self-brake.Its job is to put the brakes on the car for the owner’s friends, providing continuous parking brake force.The automatic parking button is generally beside the electronic hand brake, which can be freely controlled to open or close.When we turn on the button in advance and lift the brake pedal, there will be a feeling of relief, then we can release the brake pedal.So what are the scenarios for automatic parking?It is suitable for up and down hills and frequent stops and starts during travel.Automatic parking allows us to wait for traffic lights without having to keep our feet on the brake, and to avoid the trouble of using the handbrake or electronic handbrake back and forth;Automatic gear also does not need to switch gears frequently.One more question, what conditions do you need to meet for automatic parking to work?First of all, under the premise that the door is closed, the driver is wearing the seat belt, the Auto Hold button is open, and the ESP function is working normally, the function will take effect only after the car is stopped.In addition, in terms of providing braking time, if the waiting time is short, Auto Hold is used by ESP control unit to brake;If the wait time is long, it will switch to an electronic handbrake.This process is automatic and requires no action.When you need to move forward, step on the gas and the parking system will automatically disengage.Therefore, the braking duration of automatic parking is controlled by the owner’s friends.2: Uphill assist Uphill assist, or HAC for short, is a configuration that provides an auxiliary role in the uphill process.Can assist in a smooth start on the ramp without slipping.In simple terms, it can hold the car still for three seconds as the foot moves from the brake pedal to the gas pedal.So the use of this function, when we start uphill, even without the handbrake will not slip the car, very good to avoid the novice uphill start in a hurry.And if the car has this configuration, it is on by default, there is no off button.From this we can also know that the use of uphill assistance is very simple, this function is generally used at the start of the ramp, even if the brake is released, it will not slip within 3 seconds.In understanding the basic concept and application of ascent assisted scene, we learn about the hill auxiliary conditions, also need the door closed, under the premise of the driver wearing a seat belt, and in the car on the ramp, as static state and the hand brake did not pull up, in addition to pay attention to automatic not to hang in the P block, and stepped on the brake at the same time, manual brake, hang 1 block,When all these conditions are met, the uphill assist is effective.In terms of braking duration, the braking provided by uphill assist has a time limit, which is generally 2 to 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the function of uphill assist will be cancelled. That is to say, within 3 seconds, if we fail to start, we will still slip back.