What can be used instead of nail polish remover

2022-08-17 0 By

Use makeup remover, body spray and nail polish instead.1. The main component of nail remover is organic material, which constitutes a solute and solvent relationship with nail oil glue.They have a similar structure, so it’s easy to remove the nail polish gel.General nail removal water will add a small amount of acetone, so try to keep the room ventilated when using.2. You can choose to use deodorant spray to replace nail polish remover. It contains some solvent components, which can effectively clean some bad places.It is best to spray the nails and then wipe them with a paper towel or handkerchief. After a while, they will be clean.Or you can choose to use face oil, first find a little nail face oil, and then wipe it on the nails, then you can take a cotton pad, and then slowly wipe it off, but also has a certain effect, if it is stubborn, you can repeat several times to try.3. There are some subtle differences between gloss water and nail polish remover. The effect of nail polish remover is only one, that is, to remove excess nail polish.But some of the biggest brands are offering products called polish remover or nail polish remover that can remove polish residue from nails, while adding another protective feature, which is to reduce the degree of chemical damage to nails.