We were meant to meet again.

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If we are destined to be bound to “meet again”, people often say in life, the past five hundred years pass by, we will be able to exchange this life a meet.This shows how precious and rare deep edge is.For a long time, said: our people this life of the road can only be a person in advance, if we are lucky to meet interesting concurred people on the way, in most of the time we are a lonely person.Wish your life will be more beautiful after meeting my words, like to stride into our happy life with you every day to discuss the dribs and drabs of the day, in predestined relationship this matter, early or late without rules, all the arrangements are unexpected, and then look back and see again in reason.In the usual time read a book inside is written like this: “In some people to the passage of time, feel regret;Some people get so caught up in it that they never get out.”Our women’s and men’s emotion is like a bottomless pool, will slowly into in which there are a lot of people, will be as it would be illegal struggle, if we decree by destiny, two heart won’t be far away, life this life of love is a rare move, then it is just like the sun was slowly, through everything lit up our daily life,Although we can in this life there will be many times the curve and move, but the real reason is only one of us, the rest of the people in a life time into inner heartache, about friends around us every day, is in everyone’s life will want to found our inner man, this is the lonely life, a lot of people will be in the face of the lonely,But very few people will be able to keep loneliness, the bustling people inside the society are coming and going for the benefit of the past life and afterlife few is affectionate, predestined people in the meeting is in the reunion.There is a movie that says: “Not all mistakes can be forgiven, not all pain can be healed, there are always things that time cannot do.”Some people will meet in the eye is ten thousand years, some people, turned around is no longer see, life will not have a first, only meet again.Every man is a piece of magnet, with attractive as long as in a magnetic field to attract each other each other’s heart, if decree by destiny, between two people will be in the hundreds of millions of crowd will meet again in the mountains, we have a pain in the feelings of everyone in the world, the scar is repeatedly jie, learn to forget the past in the future will have sunshine,Have a good love in life is not only our own the most clear, long soak in a dream is just self-deception, we don’t live as a bag of everything to heart filled with, we want to live in a sieve, retaining the stay, selected to have a great life, people in the usual life inside our heart in want to every day,One day we will meet that and our fate of the people, she does not necessarily foot on the colorful auspicious clouds, but will be certain to our eyes serious heart.Celebrities once said: “The so-called life is a process of living every day. Precious things will slip out of your hands one by one, just like a comb is broken.”Fate of the mo entwine, calm acceptance, elegant let go, if the true fate we will meet.Now in this world, we will be able to meet how many people, really and we are not many people, the life of the saying is youdao, friends easy to get, friends hard to seek, the vast sea of people, to the heart of the people and how many?Some people in life appear in our life, this is just a practical in the meaning of the function word, a turn around will become a recovery of strange, life a flower a world, life a life of a duet.Deep edge is very mysterious things, it is silent, and endless, in those feelings or thoughts are experiencing hundreds of years after the heart is still as new to enter the heart, non-enmity in the world only a “edge” word can be explained.Life, in one hundred, good in my life to cherish now have, in this life of usual life to meet two people meet in life is for a reason, because everyone in their own route, if you meet each other is not attractive will be long in the two parallel lines, enough attraction for each other to change the route, break the balance of intersection,We explained this was to have a deep, life again good love also was worn out in time, we can only do in addition to protect and repair on, not people who love each other even struggled together and won’t last, although people in love can be long also not escape plain, heart slowly in a plain is the best.All of our good relationships are predestined, don’t want to read, don’t crazy don’t hate, come naturally.It is the best and only choice in life. Otherwise, we will only be trapped in pain day and night.Feeling hurt is the most difficult to heal, if the edge is shallow, don’t let deep feelings.Doomed as, spring flowers, summer rain, autumn fruits, winter’s snow, but nature is not affected, our good marriage come to block all stop, accumulation and dispersion shades are not accidental, appear in our life everyone is destined to see people, who looks and humble dribs and drabs,Are slowly accumulate, life will return for the end of every day of life is like a open train, will be on the way through the different sites, some people just sit down on the road again, and some people will be waiting for a long time even after a standing, if we have a good marriage must be in every day of your life there will be a “reunion”.Emotional # #