Wang Yi: All parties need to work for peace, not fear-mongering and war

2022-08-17 0 By

On the evening of February 19, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the Special session of the 58th Munich Security Conference in Beijing and delivered a keynote speech by video.Wang Yi answered questions from the moderator on China’s attitude and position on NATO enlargement, European security and the situation in Ukraine.Wang yi said that the Cold War has long since ended, and NATO, as a product of the cold War, should assess the situation and make necessary adjustments.If NATO continues to expand eastward, will it help maintain peace and stability in Europe and achieve lasting peace and stability in Europe?This is a question worthy of serious consideration by our European friends.Wang stressed that the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries should be respected and upheld, as this is the basic norm of international relations and reflects the purposes of the UN Charter. It is also China’s consistent principled position, and Ukraine is no exception.If anyone questions China’s attitude on this issue, it is nothing but hype with ulterior motives and a distortion of China’s position.Wang yi said that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China always decides its position and handles international affairs on the basis of its own merits.China believes that on the Ukraine issue, it is time to return to the origin of the New Minsk agreement as soon as possible.This is because the agreement is a binding agreement reached through negotiations between the parties concerned and has been approved by the UN Security Council. It is the only way out for the Ukrainian issue.As far as I know, both Russia and the EU support the New Minsk Agreement. The US side also expressed support during my phone conversation with US Secretary of State Blinken not long ago.That being the case, why can’t the parties sit together and have a full discussion and work out a roadmap and timetable for the implementation of the agreement?What all parties need to do now is to shoulder their responsibilities and work for peace, instead of just escalating tension, creating panic and even playing up war.As for the prospect of resolving the Ukraine issue, Wang said Ukraine should become a bridge of communication between east and West, instead of the front line of confrontation between major powers.As for European security, all parties can raise their own concerns. Russia’s legitimate security concerns should be respected and taken seriously.China expects all parties to find a solution that is truly conducive to Safeguarding European security through dialogue and consultation.Source: China Daily