Wang Xiaoguang chaired the second executive meeting of the Municipal Government in 2022

2022-08-17 0 By

On the afternoon of January 25, Mayor Wang Xiaoguang presided over the second executive meeting of 2022 Municipal Government.City leaders Du Pengyi, Li Zhijun, Wang Ke, an Long, Zhang Junhai, Fu Yun, Zhu Tianzhu attended the meeting, the city CPPCC vice Chairman Li Bendong was invited to attend the meeting.The meeting listened to the 2021 xingyang Major economic indicators are expected to complete the situation and 2022 economic development goals expected report.The meeting pointed out that 2021 will be a very unusual and difficult year.At the beginning of the “fourteenth Five-year plan”, facing various difficulties and challenges, the whole city worked together to face the difficulties head on, and the overall economic operation was stable. While fully affirming the achievements, we should also clearly see the shortcomings and gaps in the development of the city.Should further strengthen confidence, accurately grasp the current economic situation and the needs of the overall consideration and stable development of expectations and promoting the development of the high quality requirements, both to have jumped “cherry-picking” courage and easily, and stick to the principle of seeking truth from facts and scientific measurement, science for approval in 2022, economic and social development goals, to ensure the city’s economic and social sustainable development healthy and steady upward,With outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.The meeting studied the key construction projects in 2021 and the selection of key construction projects in 2022 and the municipal government investment project plan in 2022.The meeting stressed that the city’s project library should be built well, and timely optimization and dynamic adjustment should be made according to the progress of project implementation.We should speed up the handling of procedures for warehousing projects, implement precise scheduling based on nodes and bookkeeping, and effectively improve the efficiency and quality of project approval.It is necessary to strictly implement the work requirements of “municipal leadership package implementation, responsible units to help promote, chief service officer to assist in the whole process”, provide the best quality and the most convenient service for project construction, and ensure the acceleration of key project construction in the city as planned.We should strengthen the guarantee of essential factors, actively promote the transfer of “standard land” for industrial land, and boost the construction of projects as soon as land is taken.We will fully establish the system of one housing fund, three housing funds, and a system of separate accounts for migrant workers’ labor wages, adopt reasonable measures and move up the regulatory threshold, resolutely prevent unpaid wages, and effectively improve the efficiency of the use of government funds.We will strengthen management of government-invested projects throughout the whole process, strengthen effective coordination of project management, and ensure high-quality projects and speed up construction.We will strictly implement the requirement that the government tighten its belts, actively implement a performance evaluation mechanism for government funds, and deepen the concept of performance-based budget management that “we must ensure that spending is effective and that spending is ineffective is held accountable.” We will ensure that government funds are used where they are most important and generate maximum returns.(Source: Xingyang Rong Media Center, Yin Xiaoyu)