Photography.Huawei M20 fireworks in an instant

2022-08-17 0 By

In fact, this photography text is very few, and mainly for my huawei M20 some photography experience on the improvement.Although huawei M20 is a phone of the past, but huawei M20’s camera power is still commendable today.Check out my fireworks moments today.Dissipating fireworks.Fireworks explode.Fireworks bloom and dissipate.Fireworks soaring into the sky.In the picture, you can see that the focus is very clear and clear. Although the shutter is pressed, the Huawei M20 will not be confused like other phones.This process of dissipation is the exclusive copyright of the whole network.This is a group shot in slow motion.When it comes to autofocus, huawei M20 doesn’t have it, but thanks to the hongmeng system’s powerful algorithms.I can’t believe I gave you a blur.When we use auto focus or AI shooting, we can also shoot such a picture, which can be said to be very clear, especially in the details of the night sky.The most amazing thing is that the lighting effect of the night mode is very good. Huawei has to say that the M20 was indeed a miracle in those days, and even today it still performs well.12 megapixels, the actual output is 8 million.It was actually shot in high definition.The quality is a little better than the iPhone.The streamer shutter works very well, and in night mode, it doesn’t cost that much.The details.To be honest, that’s a pretty good camera for a major player today, but don’t forget that it’s 12 megapixels and produces 64 megapixels and 8 megapixels.Up to now, THE imaging quality of Huawei M20 still makes me very satisfied.Although the addition of The Hongmeng system makes it look a bit more fluid, the Kirin 980 is still playable as the main player in the game.I have written about the reason why Huawei M20 has not been replaced in the article before. In fact, huawei M20 is completely enough for daily use. If shooting, I think 40 million can still be played today, but Huawei’s optimization of 12 million can be said to be very in place.Because Huawei has the ability of shooting black and white lens, so in black and white and color imaging can be said to be better than other mobile phone lenses. In fact, from the release of the new mobile phone, many mobile phone cameras are backward, for example, the submersion telephoto lens has been canceled.On a lot of flagships.But today it’s very possible that we can see into the future, and it’s more about optimizing algorithms for imaging.Because many manufacturers are no longer right about hardware.Welcome to my weibo, search suffering is a medal, a brutally honest used car blogger, this New Year’s Eve brought such a photography experience, thank you very much for your company over the past year.I wish you all a happy New Year, good luck and good luck in the year of the Rat.