Beijing Winter Olympics’ Most gender-balanced ‘In History

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Recently, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics held a press conference entitled “Women’s Power at the Winter Olympics”.Women accounted for 45.4 percent of the Olympic Games, with 53 percent of the 109 sports represented by women, ioc spokesman Mark Adams said.As a result, the Beijing Winter Olympics has so far seen the highest proportion of women participating and the largest number of events.In fact, even without these abstract numbers, the vivid performances of many women in these Winter Olympics are enough to give us a sense of her power in the Winter Olympics.Gu Ailing is undoubtedly one of the most popular female athletes at this Winter Olympics.From her experience of growing up as a student with excellent grades to the leek box she pulled out while waiting for her grades, from her “Golden Dragon” costume she wore during competitions to her positive responses to questions from foreign media and netizens, Gu’s every move has sparked heated discussion on social media.However, gu Ailing, the self-styled “frog Princess”, is more impressive to the world for her series of performances: outstanding technical strength, courage and responsibility when facing strong opponents, confidence and optimism in the face of setbacks.In her, we see the hope of China’s ice and snow sports.At the same time, the veteran is not willing to lag behind.China’s Xu Mengtao won the women’s freestyle skiing aerials final with a winning jump and the highest score of 108.61.Xu mengtao, 31, is competing in her fourth Winter Olympics after winning almost every prize available in women’s aerials and missing an Olympic gold medal to complete her career.So when Xu mengtao completed her perfect jump, she shouted “Am I number one?” at Zhangjiakou’s Genting Ski Park.”, I believe the audience in front of the screen can feel the hard-won joy.Never abandon, never give up, dare to challenge and persist in dreams. In xu Mengtao’s tearful smile, we can see the precious inheritance of Chinese ice and snow athletes.During the Tokyo Olympics last year, the 138th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially approved the inclusion of “More United” into the Olympic motto. Since then, the centennial Olympic motto has been updated to “Swifter, Higher, Stronger – More United”.The theme slogan of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics “Together for the Future” also emphasizes the sense of “unity” of a community with a shared future for mankind.At this Winter Olympics, more and more female athletes are showing the beautiful friendship across nationalities.When Xu mengtao finally won her coveted Olympic gold medal, one of the first to congratulate her was her chief rival, ASHLEY Caldwell of team USA.The American, who has developed a strong friendship with Xu mengtao over the years, gave her a warm hug and said: “Tao tao, Olympic champion, you did it!I’m so proud of you!”It was much more than that.In the women’s snowboard slopestyle final, when The final entry of New Zealand’s Zoe Sadowski Sinnott super level of her own movement, in the waiting division Julia Marino and Australia’s Tess Cody rushed to hug her;When Zoe’s score came out, all the contestants hugged and celebrated.At the medal ceremony of the women’s 3000m short track speed skating relay final, the champion Team of the Netherlands, the runner-up team of The Republic of Korea and the third runner-up team of the Chinese team, holding gold dundun dun, embraced and shared the joy of taking a selfie together.The touching images were widely shared on social media at home and abroad, prompting netizens to say “the girls’ friendship is so beautiful”.Janice Speitay, 29, the only Maltese contestant, has become a hit on Chinese social media for her love of Chinese bean buns.Her inspiring story has touched countless Chinese people and brought the European island country of Malta to the attention of more Chinese people.At the same time, Janice also let the Maltese people thousands of miles away feel the Beijing Winter Olympics, enhance the understanding of China, shorten the distance between the two peoples.Not only the athletes on the field, but also many women off the field showed off their talents during the Beijing Winter Olympics.Wang Meng, China’s famous short track speed skater, is one of them.With her professional and humorous commentary style, she made her debut as a new commentator in the Winter Olympics.Wang meng’s performance not only left netizens with “golden words” and “memes”, but also let people see the infinite possibilities of retired athletes and the diverse charm of female athletes.In addition to these women who shine in front of the stage, many more women are doing their best behind the scenes.They quietly stick to their posts and provide strong support for the success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Women make up no less than 40 percent of boCOG staff and no less than 50 percent of volunteers, according to Yan Jiarong, spokesperson for boCOG.As Yang Yang, chairman of the Athletes’ commission of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, said, “Everything has gone smoothly so far, and women have played an important role in ensuring the running of the games.”The Olympic Charter states: “Olympism combines sport with culture and education and seeks to create a way of life based on the joy of hard work, the educational value of a good example, social responsibility and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles.”It is this positioning based on sports but above sports that makes the Olympic Games widely recognized by people all over the world and become a grand gathering of mankind with profound influence.Olympic Games across the nationality, race, colour, language, religion, and political factors, such as for a stage show ego, can not only promote more women to participate in sports, can let the world see the power of the female, more let the idea of gender equality get wider and deeper communication, help women set up a more healthy and comprehensive development of philosophy.At the same time, whether they are athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers, commentators or ordinary spectators, their touching figures and dazzling performances in the Olympic Games also promote the all-round and in-depth development of the Olympic Movement and make the Olympic spirit more shining.More realize “the harmonious development of mankind” and promote “a concerned about human dignity of the peaceful society” contributed their own indelible strength.As the most gender-balanced Olympic Winter Games to date, the “she power” of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will have a profound impact not only at this moment, but also for a long time to come, on promoting women’s participation in ice and snow sports and sports, as well as helping women discover and strive to become better themselves.The writer is liu Shuo, editor of Guangzhou Daily and New Huacheng