Yan Min new variety shooting, guests are not extreme men, new six lineup Reuters exposure

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Yan Min, as a fan of the national variety show “Extreme Challenge”, is no stranger to him. It is he who created a variety show that can keep pace with “Running Man” and even once beat his rivals in terms of reputation.Also let the program guests in the Sun Honglei, Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Xiaozhu, Wang Xun, Zhang Yixing “extreme men gang” has become everyone’s favorite variety group, and they also harvested friendship, is also a clear stream of entertainment.Later, the ultimate challenge from the beginning of the fifth season, as YanMin left, “the man is helped” limit concept also began to collapse, in the sixth season, but only Wang Xun a patriarch figure, not only that, from the perspective of the overall content quality of programs, but also a precipice type slide, the subject of our program once the core has changed beyond recognition,Although some of the top stars, such as Deng Lun, also attracted a number of young viewers, for many old fans, almost all chose to leave.Yan Min later created new programs such as Deyun Dou Laughing Club and Rap New Generation successively, and both of them received high praise. Even from the word of mouth, they are no less than the previous Extreme Challenge. It can be seen that Yan Min is not only proficient in competitive programs, but also in other types.And starting from the second half of last year, news about YanMin will guide the new variety is also on the agenda, originally called “avatar” bu da, even include a poster of “extreme man is helped” five people, therefore, many netizens think YanMin to once again work with men, after all, when they cooperation is the tacit understanding, before men plus YanMin director control,That contributed to the success of the show, so everyone is looking forward to this new variety show.Later, at the end of the year, it changed its name to Xinxin Travel To the West. Moreover, it has been revealed that the show is indeed buying the copyright of The New Journey to the West. It is even revealed that the director of the Korean version will personally participate in the production.With such a luxurious behind-the-scenes cast, many netizens are very looking forward to this variety show, but later, the news did not come out, and then quietly started shooting. At present, according to the entertainment blogger, now, this new variety show is renamed “New Journey” again, and the guests are not Extreme Men.Is by yue Yunpeng, Huang Zitao, Zhang Ruoyun, Lin Gengxin, Wang Yanlin, Chen Feiyu six people formed a new lineup, and, the Reuters photo also exposed.For many of the ultimate challenge old fans, also sorry to can’t see them again and maybe five window will not wind up, after all, they are very busy, but after all of the new program is by YanMin, even in the case of guest lineup has slightly regret, like YueYunPeng, update, Wang Yanlin, Lin tao, etc. Have some sense of variety,There’s also something to watch for in general.What do you think about that?Are you looking forward to this new variety show?Like xiaobian articles welcome attention, the first time to bring the latest entertainment information!(My original article, without permission, declined to be reproduced, plagiarism handling will be corrected)