Women, no matter how old they are, should do these four things every night before bed so that they can go out looking beautiful without makeup

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All say:”The love of beauty is women’s nature”, it is not hard to find, some women, even after forty years old but still, the skin white and smooth, skin condition and physical condition are like more than twenty years old girl, however, some people, less than forty years old of moss had streaked with white hair, the skin is dark yellow and flabby, fine lines also climbed up the cheeks, especially stand with their peers,The likelihood can show old 10 years old still more than, the reason that causes this one phenomenon namely whether notice to maintain and protect skin at ordinary times, the likelihood is in more than 20 years old still do not see a gap, once passed 30 years old, have the gap that maintain also is clear at a glance.And, for women, appearance and shape determines how high the value of your charm, every woman wants to own a slim type, the elderly can also keep the age of “frozen”, a lot of people is not entirely because of lazy and don’t have the time to maintain, mostly because learning and living and working pressure, no time to lose weight or to beauty parlour skin care,As a result, the body is out of shape and the skin is getting rougher. Having good skin and a good body is just a dream.Actually, also is not very far away, the woman no matter how old, as long as before sleeping, take some time to keep some good habit, also can harvest surprise change, because really nurturing before, this is the “golden period” of preserve one’s health, if you can before you go to bed for a long time adhere to the following four “anti-aging” habit, you will find that your body is getting better and better, the health status of body is getting better and better,Even if you go out looking beautiful without makeup, the most important thing is to make you look younger than your peers.A clean the skin, to do a good job of cleaning the skin as the first step of maintenance of skin, its importance is self-evident, if there were no good clean skin, and with more expensive skin care products will not absorb, can only be a waste, therefore, have a makeup women friends must use discharge makeup oil or after discharge makeup water with cosmetic cotton, reoccupy cleanser to clean,If you do not make up the habit of friends also want to do a good daily cleaning, before going to bed with a cleanser to wash your face.In addition to daily cleaning, also going to skin regularly once a month cutin, because the skin metabolic cycle is 28 days or so, in many cases, we can’t to waste cutin of skin metabolism peeling, need outside help, only normal cuticle thickness, the skin is white tender luster, but also remember not too clean.2, adhere to apply face film, to do a good job of hydrating want to know, skin collagen and water will be reduced with the increasing of age, so the age, the skin can appear dry, fine lines and loose skin aging phenomenon, especially in the dry season, the skin is more easy to appear a series of problems because of lack of water.Therefore, in addition to effectively clean the skin, the most basic anti-aging work is to moisturize and moisturize, before going to bed to apply a mask, here to remind you, do not apply every day, two to three times a week can, so that our skin moisture is enough, but also let you more tender than your peers.Third, insisted that change is absolutely motion appearance level and body, one of the best ways to exercise can help consume excess heat, let the body more and more thin, the skin will become more compact, at the same time, accelerate the blood circulation, brought more nutrients for skin, as a result, the skin will be more luster.Not only such, perspired in motion, also be the process that gives the skin by inside and outside filling water, do not believe you can observe, the skin after motion is met more water tender, and still be white in appear red the sort of, motion also is a lot of female star to maintain “frozen age” secret.Four, with wormwood bubble foot every day if you want to look better than their peers show tender, had better want to soak the foot every day, it is also a winter essential health preservation methods, many female stars are pushing, for example, sun li, Jenny, xin wu and other beneficiaries are bubble foot, sun li is on the twenty-four solar terms often tweeting reminds us the importance of every night to soak the foot, in a show,Wu Xin also personally demonstrated the correct method of foot soaking.Many female stars are pushing, for example, Sun Li, Zhang Jiani, Wu Xin and so on are the beneficiaries of foot soaking, Sun Li is every 24 solar terms will send a micro blog to remind everyone the importance of foot soaking every night, in a program, Wu Xin also personally demonstrated the correct method of foot soaking.Although, simple is good to soak the foot, but women mostly raw in the body, which is humid, a lot of people in the winter cold feet, appear the symptom of dysmenorrhea, is cold palace, to improve the symptoms, have to suit the remedy to the case, then we will be clearing damp, might as well use tsao bubble foot, tsao has clearing damp cold, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, relaxing tendons,Visible, mugwort for female friends also many benefits.As the saying goes: “winter eat tonic rich, have no money to wash a hot water feet”, “hot bubble foot, wins a tonic”, the proverb well sum up out of the people’s perception for hot bubble foot health care function, centenarians national physician master road volunteers are also use tsao bubble foot, before going to bed at about 8, 9, old will use mugwort cook blisters feet, bubble later what good?In lu Lao’s opinion, after soaking the feet, the blood in the head is active, the sweat on the body is slight, the blood comes down, the head is clear, relieve fatigue, and then rest.Because mugwort leaves have the effect of temperature dispersing cold, after soaking feet can assist in removing cold and dampness in the body, to help restore the body, soaking feet is appropriate to sweat slightly, do not sweat, because sweat hurts Yang, the gain outweighs the loss, you can massage the sole more.Since ancient times, Mugwort has been known as a “medical herb”. It has a warm nature and belongs to the liver, spleen and kidney meridian. It is a precious Chinese herbal medicine, which is well known throughout China and praised by Li Shizhen.According to compendium of Materia Medica, Mugwort leaves have the effect of warming the meridian, dispelling cold, removing dampness and warming the palace. However, it is far from enough to add this kind of foot bubble. Therefore, if you have friends like me who are in the air-conditioned room every day and love to drink cold drinks, you might as well try this “herbal foot bubble bag”.This foot bubble bag contains mugwort, safflower, old ginger, motherwort and other ingredients. When combined, each ingredient can exert the maximum effect. Moreover, it is perfect for women to remove dampness and detoxification.There are four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients in this foot bubble bag: Mugwort leaves for dispelling cold and dampness;Old ginger can promote blood circulation, warm body, maintain the figure, weight loss, improve dysmenorrhea, lower abdomen cold, pudgy;Safflower remove blood stasis and pain, dispel dampness and remove swelling, accelerate body metabolism and remove toxins in the body;Motherwort temperature dispersive cold, to wet tongluo, for female friends palace cold has a great regulatory effect.Plantar has been having “the second heart of the human body”, and kidney detoxification and edema related, so, every day with hot water bubble feet, both comfortable and the lowest investment cost of “health secret”.The moment the warm water touch your feet, instantly take away the troubles and fatigue of the day, it can also accelerate blood circulation, promote the body to detoxify and remove dampness, as long as you are willing to stick to it for a long time, you will be more beautiful and healthier than your peers!The most important thing in TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine is internal tone, which is gentle and follows a step-by-step process.Each herb works with each other to achieve the best results.Therefore, now “herbal foot bubble bag” activity discount, 30 bags only 39 yuan, less than the cost of a meal, you can give yourself a healthy body, so as to avoid all kinds of trouble.If you need it, you can buy it by clicking the link below ↓↓↓‍