There were over 1.2 million individual businesses in Qingdao, 174,645 newly registered last year

2022-08-16 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Li Ziqiang by the end of 2021, Qingdao city registered individual industrial and commercial households have exceeded 1.2 million, accounting for more than 60% of the total market main body.Since the beginning of this year, as of February 6, the city has added 16,425 market entities, including 8,438 newly registered individual industrial and commercial households.According to statistics from Qingdao Market Supervision Administration, 174,645 newly registered individual businesses in the city in 2021, accounting for 58 percent of the newly registered market entities (301,191) and 14.47 percent of the registered individual businesses.By the end of 2021, the number of registered individual industrial and commercial businesses in the city had reached 1,206,828, accounting for 61.78% of the total number of market entities (1,953,499), with a year-on-year growth of 7.32%.In the whole year, 92,284 individual industrial and commercial households were revoked, and the new withdrawal ratio was 17∶9.Self-employed businesses account for the largest number of market entities, most of which are concentrated in the service industry, which is the most direct service provider for people’s life, mainly in wholesale and retail, accommodation, catering and residential services.According to the survey, the average number of self-employed workers was 2.68, which means that at least 3.2 million self-employed workers in Qingdao were employed last year.Since last year, Qingdao has taken the lead in compiling “three lists” of supervision and standardization of “double random and one open” in China.The province initiated “two lists” of credit constraints in the market supervision system, and innovated “cloud negotiation” for trust-breaking enterprises;Carry out standardized regulation of port charges and power supply conversion, and refund 1.07 million yuan for enterprises;Actively promote the “list of exemption from punishment” for minor illegal acts of enterprises, and the amount of exemption is 39.4 million yuan.The supervision and administration bureau of Qingdao city market this year will highlight “two functions”, supervision and services business, competition, consumption, the rule of law “four big environment” stick to severely, precise scientific and effective supervision and the job functions embedded enterprise, the development of economy and the livelihood of the people of the skin texture, stick to the city’s “four new” economic development strategy, such as through effective supervision to create a fair and just, standard and orderly market environment,We will ensure that individual businesses and other market entities participate in market competition on an equal footing.Use “scalpel” kung fu, in law enforcement work in “small incision” solve “big problem”, the research on service package of policies for law enforcement, to launch “market regulations”, the classification of more than 600 laws and regulations, hierarchical precision pushed to the enterprise, the service support market subjects to develop hard with love attentively, release continued economic development potential,We will lay a solid microeconomic foundation for creating new engines of growth and generating new drivers of development.