The Huairen Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation launched the activity of visiting retired senior cadres during the Spring Festival

2022-08-16 0 By

China Economic Herald China Development network news Nie Qijin reporter Guo Jianjun reported that the taste of the Year is gradually thick, the meaning of the year is warmer.On the morning of January 29, the leaders of the Huairen Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation paid a collective visit to the retired senior tax officials, presented them with gifts and money, and extended their best wishes for the New Year.Each to a, the bureau of leadership and sympathy with the object of a heart-to-heart, a detailed understanding of their physical living conditions, patiently listen to their complaints, sincere thanks to them once for tax pay.A kind greetings, a sincere blessing, so that the sympathy of the old tax dry moved from the bottom of my heart.In the retired old tax cadres Yang Taishan home, the party secretary of the bureau, director Wang Zhao tightly hold Yang Taishan hand said: “before the first day I heard you are sick, today see you so spirit I will rest assured!We have accepted your suggestions for our work this year. We hope you can take good care of your health and continue to pay attention to and support our tax work.”Yang Taishan excitedly said: “Please rest assured director Wang, tax is always my home, I will spare no effort for the prosperity of our family, give full play to the surplus heat.”Rustling cold, warm affection.The bureau of New Year to send warm, send blessings, so that the retired cadres of tax affairs cordiality feel the warmth of the Party, the warmth of the tax affairs family, give full play to the huairen tax transfer of the party’s warmth, the positive role of coagulation.In the New Year, Huairen taxation will continue to pay attention to the old cadres, “do taxation well, lead a good team”, with excellent results to meet the 20th victory of the Party.