Spring Festival I am on duty | the most beautiful “professional blessing”

2022-08-16 0 By

The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, but also a beautiful moment for family reunion.However, there is always such a group of people around us, they in their respective jobs, busy, dedication, with practical action interpretation of what is the most beautiful “dedicated blessing”, they are gansu high-speed people.Chijin Toll Station insists on daily epidemic prevention and control. Before each shift, the charge supervisor measures the body temperature of the team members, checks the wearing of masks and gloves of the staff on duty, and stresses the matters needing attention at work to ensure the health of the staff and ensure the safety of the passengers and passengers at the first pass.Further increase the cleaning and elimination of toll lanes, sentry booths and other key areas, seriously do a good job of CPC card disinfection.Everyone said, “In emergency times, we must enhance the awareness of self-protection, implement epidemic prevention measures, provide a high-quality travel environment for our friends, and protect the safety and health of the people.”Logistics don’t disconnect In order to guarantee the normal operation of the electrical and mechanical equipment during the festival, on duty station to on-the-job, 30 January 1, lane entrance weighing bumped into by the vehicle license plate recognition apparatus, adsense on the driveway on duty to check the situation, negotiate with the driver to welding repair of damaged equipment for welders, 4 a.m. equipment maintenance and entrance to the passing lane back to normal.On January 30, the staff of chijin toll station stick to their posts.Late at night, fog gradually thick, duty station master arrived at the scene and the staff together command vehicles pass, to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.January 31, chijin toll station staff to carry out the highway safety travel publicity activities, in the scene to the past company passengers issued a safe driving leaflets, warm reminder of the majority of company passengers always pay attention to driving safety, not speeding, not overload, keep the distance between the car, jointly create a safe driving environment.Every important moment of family reunion, they never absent, with silent dedication of “dedication” in exchange for “harmony”, “peace” and “joy” of the past company friends!