Outlander has a mediocre interior. Why is it so popular?Old driver: these three are still very good!

2022-08-16 0 By

Hello, everyone. Today we are going to talk about the Outlander.When many friends mention this car, they will feel that the interior is very low, a little decoration style of the last century, but in fact, it is very likely to be underestimated by you a car!First of all, in terms of price, the price of the two power versions of Outlander is 15.98-208,800, which is very competitive in the joint venture brand force. Taking the popular Rongfang to compare, the price of the 2.4L four-wheel drive version of Outlander with the top can only buy the 2.0 times of the top of The Rongfang, which can be said to be quite good.In terms of appearance, the 21 outlander front faces are decorated with matte chrome plating and piano paint materials. The thick lines outline a full and powerful front face shape. All of them are equipped with 18-inch tires, making the overall body more stable and grand.In terms of space sense, the size of this car is 4705/1810/1710, and the wheelbase is the mainstream 2670mm, but the trunk volume of 913L can be described as “huge”. It is especially worth mentioning that Outlander also provides 7-seat version, which is the only one in the compact SUV of the joint venture brand. If you want to buy the 7-seat version of the joint venture brand,Must go up intermediate even big class ability is equipped, this has to draw out many silver again much!Now there are more and more two-child families, and 7 seats are almost just needed. Outlander’s 7 seats layout is undoubtedly very in place and warm heart!Motivation, outlander equipped with 2.0 L / 2.4 L both displacement and two displacement and all-wheel-drive vehicles to meet the consumers of different car scene, especially the dynamic version of the 2.4 L, the individual feels more cost-effective, because all equipped with 2.4 L S – WAC super four-wheel all-wheel-drive system, it is divided into three kinds of operation mode, economic mode, automatic mode respectively and lock mode,These three modes can almost deal with various complicated road conditions such as snow, sand, mud and so on. Moreover, although the basic displacement of 2.4L is not small, but the average comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km can be said to be very good fuel economy, and its fuel consumption is even more fuel-efficient than some 2.0L self-priming engines!When it comes to interior decoration, the layout of the old Outlander console is very general. The 21 central console takes on an entirely new look, with a circular air conditioner next to the floating display screen and a row of solid buttons under the vent, making the overall layout look much younger.Overall, the 21 Outlander models, with a competitive price range, a tough shape with a variety of power versions, and available in four-wheel-drive and seven-seater versions, are a cost-effective SUV worth a try to get to users’ pain points.