Municipal road transport service center for hazardous goods transport enterprises collective interview

2022-08-16 0 By

Zhumadian network news (reporter Zhang Xincheng correspondent Zhang Xiao) in order to further promote the road transport field outstanding problems of the special governance action smoothly, urge relevant transport enterprises to complete the special rectification task on time, a few days ago,The municipal road Transport Service Center interviewed the principals of zhumadian Shuntong Transport Co., LTD., Zhumadian Anyunda Transport Co., LTD., and Zhumadian Anshun Logistics Co., LTD., three dangerous goods road transport enterprises with slow progress in the rectification of prominent problems in the field of road transport.The three interviewed enterprises reported the rectification situation and specific problems in view of the inconsistent use nature of driving license and operating license detected in the rectification action of prominent problems, and indicated that they would complete the rectification task in accordance with the time limit.Interview will be asked, the transport enterprises should attach great importance to, from the height of the social stability and development of full knowledge to carry out the road transport sector highlights the importance of problem special action, actively according to the problems the city’s road transport sector specific administrative action plan “requirement, for screening out the problem actively rectification, rectification task on time;All transport enterprises should make timely rectification in strict accordance with the standards and time limit required by the province. Vehicles should be stopped and vehicles should be withdrawn from dangerous transport market in time to ensure that all rectification requirements are truly implemented.Focus on the special rectification of the dangerous goods market, implement the main responsibility of safe production of enterprises, to ensure the safety and stability of the road transport market;Strengthen supervision and inspection of transport enterprises to ensure that all rectification tasks are in place by the end of March.