Liuyang Gaoping: Winter to send warm and prosperous New Year

2022-08-16 0 By

Changsha, January 31 (People’s Daily Online), in order to put the Party’s care into practice and make the needy people have a happy, joyful and peaceful Spring Festival, Gaoping Town of Liuyang City will carry out the “warm in winter” visit and condolence activities and the action of “Fighting low temperature and protecting safety” to create a warm and peaceful festival atmosphere.The Party Committee and the government will send New Year’s greetings and deep care to the people in need.During the Spring Festival, Gaoping Town continued to increase visits and condolences to the “five households” work as a starting point, Gaoping town all party members, cadres, micro-grid long and social caring people to carry out a comprehensive Spring Festival visits and condolences to the people in special difficulties, a total of 907,000 yuan of warm sympathy funds.”Wu Qin’s (pseudonym) family is living a hard life. The mother of three children is seriously ill, the eldest daughter is congenital disabled, and the two young daughters are still studying at school.She has just had an operation, and both her husband and wife are in the hospital, leaving only three children and two elderly people at home for the Spring Festival.”On January 30, members of the two committees of Zhimin Village branch in Gaoming Town learned of the situation and organized party members to volunteer to wu Qin’s home.”The elderly should pay attention to their health, and the village committee will do its best to help and support them if they have any difficulties or needs.”During the visit, the volunteers communicated with Wu Qin’s family, inquired about their living conditions and physical conditions, and had a deep understanding of their difficulties and problems in life.At the same time, volunteers and Wu Qin’s family stick couplets, make dumplings, and oil, quilts and other daily necessities to their hands, creating a prosperous, warm atmosphere for the New Year, and encourage the three children to change their fate through knowledge, with hard work to overcome difficulties.It is a warm epitome of the villages and departments in Gaoping Town strengthening the precise implementation of policies and care for the special people on the eve of the Spring Festival.Through visits and condolences, Gaoping Town sent the Party’s care and warmth to the hands of the poor families, so that they feel the Party organization’s New Year wishes and care, so that they get help in life, spiritual inspiration, more hopeful for the future.To be the people’s “safety guardian” during the Spring Festival rain and snow weather is frequent, in order to ensure the safety of people at home and travel, Gaoping town set up an emergency team to deal with low temperature and freezing disasters, and held a special meeting to study the deployment at the first time, compaction responsibility.We coordinated more than 310 Party members, cadres and volunteers to carry out the campaign of “Fighting low temperature and protecting safety”, checked 224 kilometers of roads, 8 Bridges, 5 key sections, set up more than 30 safety warning signs and rectified 27 potential safety hazards, and made every effort to protect road traffic safety.It has been the first to reserve emergency supplies, including 2.6 tons of industrial salt, 84 shovels, 140 brooms, 57 hoes and 134 sacks. It has also urged the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in electricity, tap water, gas and telecommunications industries.13 propaganda teams for low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather have been set up, and more than 1146 safety tips have been issued through various forms such as “village sound” broadcast, publicity vehicles, SMS platforms and grid wechat groups.We visited 529 low-income households and 375 impoverished households house-to-house to improve people’s awareness of risk aversion and emergency response capabilities to ensure a safe winter.Through the Spring Festival visit and security escort, Gaoping zhen sincerely for the people to solve difficulties, do practical work, care and warmth to the people.In the New Year, Gaoping Town will continue to implement the requirements of “dealing with the people’s ‘urgent and anxious’ problems”, and further enhance gaoping people’s sense of belonging, sense of gain and happiness with its strong wind, vigorous energy and spirit of swallowing thousands of li like a tiger.(Shi Jingwei)