How big is the impact?The United States under the black hand “medicine Ming” department heavy defeat, the latest interpretation of the organization came

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Affected by being listed “without checking list”, “drugs” is broadly on Tuesday, of the three companies involved port a-share plunge, the protagonist drugs biological Hong Kong fell by 30%, after the announced the suspension of trading.On Tuesday night, the Exchange said it was actively taking interim steps to remove subsidiaries from its unverified list.Application has been made to the stock exchange to resume trading of the company’s shares on Wednesday morning.In the evening, a number of brokerages made a front-line interpretation of this, among which, An Securities believes that this UVL list has a limited impact on Domestic CXO companies such as Pharmtech, whose global industrial advantages are prominent, and r&d and production outsourcing orders are expected to continue to shift to China.The “unverified list” is different from the “entity List” exemplified by the ZTE case, which restricts trade practices that could harm U.S. national security and diplomatic relations, while the “unverified list” focuses on end-use restrictions.The former requires U.S. companies on the list not to trade with Chinese companies, while the latter requires U.S. companies doing business with Chinese companies to investigate the end use of Chinese products.The personage inside course of study, according to the e company zhang (not his real name) said, was listed in the main reason for the “unproven list” there may be several reasons: one is the end use inconsistent with the original agreed purpose (such as asking for private use, cannot resell), the second is due to a variety of reasons unable to verify the end use, three is the downstream customers don’t cooperate to inspect end use, etc.In short, it means that the other party is not at ease with the purpose of the goods we purchase from its hands, and is not sure whether they are provided to the object that should not be provided.Specific to the actual operation, was placed on the “unproven list” of the enterprise, the related vendors to purchase raw materials or equipment from the United States, need to U.S. companies signed a series of statements, provide a series of end-use certificate materials, agree to review the us department of commerce to the goods the end user, etc., increases the uncertainty and transaction costs.In this case, the listed enterprises have two solutions: one is to cooperate with the review and provide a series of certification materials, and strive to delete from the list;The other is to buy raw materials or equipment from other countries or regions, or produce them themselves.It is the safest and reliable solution to achieve autonomous control and production. However, in the short term, in order to stabilize production and operation, enterprises may mainly cooperate with the review.Is it easy to apply for removal from the list?It depends on why the business is on the list.Zhang jun analyzed that Yao Ming Biobiao had been submitted to the US Department of Commerce for approval every year and had been approved all the time, but the other side could not conduct on-site verification in the past two years due to the epidemic situation.If the drug is always following the other party’s rules, it only needs one on-site inspection to lift the restrictions.There has been a quick removal of the list before.In April 2019, the US added 37 Chinese entities to its “unverified list”, including listed companies such as SAN ‘an Optoelectronics.In June, SAN ‘an was removed from the list in less than three months.How big was the impact?How much does the agency say this incident has affected CXO?Essence Securities believes that the UVL list will have a limited impact on domestic CXO companies such as Myopic, and the CXO industry will continue to prosper.Essence Securities said that the “UVL list” is different from the “entity list”, and its impact is mainly reflected in the temporary failure to accept the export of goods from the United States through licensing exceptions, but the entity can be removed from the UVL list after passing the verification of the United States Department of Commerce.In the short term, controlled commodities include bioreactors and some filters. Currently, the companies involved in Shanghai and Wuxi have completed production capacity construction, so there is no need to import controlled commodities in the short term.In the medium and long term, the use of controlled commodities imported from Pharming biological products is in compliance, and the company will cooperate with the US Department of Commerce to check and remove it from the UVL list.In addition, there are alternative suppliers in Europe and China for products such as bioreactors and some filters.Security securities said that the UVL list has limited impact on Domestic CXO companies such as Yao Ming Biotech, whose global industrial advantages are prominent, and r&d and production outsourcing orders are expected to continue to shift to China.Zheshang Pharmaceutical also said that the incident was caused by the blocked overseas review of COVID-19 and the unknown use of the purchased materials, which may be removed after clarification.In the short term, the infrastructure of wuxi and Shanghai factories has been improved, and there are sufficient alternative suppliers of controlled consumables, which has little impact on the operation.In the long run, this is another example of the rapid development of local CXO and the promotion of its position in the global industrial chain.We suggest accelerating capacity building, rapidly increasing market share and strengthening supply chain autonomy and control.Source: Tencent self-selected stock comprehensive