Curry hits 47 points, Green returns, Warriors back on track for 4 straight wins!Cole showed the killer card

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Beijing time on March 15, the NBA regular season continues, the Warriors host the Wizards.The Warriors were 46-22 and ranked third in the West, while the Wizards were 29-37 and 11th in the East as the wizards continued their western road trip with losses to the Clippers, Lakers and Portland trail Blazers.Today’s game has special meaning for Warriors fans, as klay, Curry and Green reunited for the first time in 1,005 days since they last played together in the Finals in the summer of ’19.With Green back, the Warriors were back on track, and Curry’s 34th birthday came to a head in a 126-112 home victory over the Washington Wizards, who lost their fourth straight game to the Warriors.For the Wizards, Kuzma had 11 points, eight rebounds and three assists, Porzingis had 25 points, eight rebounds and four assists, Afdia had 13 points and four assists, Yamura 塁 had 12 points and Pope had 19 points.For the Warriors, Curry had 47 points, six rebounds and six assists, Green had six points, seven rebounds and six assists, Klay had 20 points and four rebounds, Poole had 20 points and three assists, and Kuminga had 12 points, eight rebounds and three assists.In fact, the Wizards played very tough today, whether in the first quarter or the third quarter, on the one hand, porzingis, Pope, Afdia, etc., the overall shooting rate is very high, on the other hand, the Warriors themselves on the defensive end of the day really a little bit lazy.For me, the turning point came late in the first quarter when Green came off the bench and the Warriors got their momentum going.Green’s familiar curvetop serve, Curry goes around the baseline to the bottom right corner, and it’s a man in, and it’s a 3!Then Curry and Green pick and roll, and Bielitsa returns the ball to Green, and Green hits a 3!At the end of green’s fast break, without looking at the pass, he helps Belitza Slam Dunk.In the early part of the second quarter, Poole set the tone with consecutive singles, bielitsa and Moody feeding each other cookies, and Green pointing to the bench to get the ball out as quickly as possible. The Warriors’ offensive performance was very smooth.And the Flower brothers are the biggest beneficiaries of Grimm’s return today.Green dribbles the ball, Klay cuts it, green just needs a look, Klay knows it.Including garage points several times to find points of clay, and take advantage of their own against green, to make & poor’s wall, to clay led, including the pick-and-roll and garage, can say although just comeback to green, and a time limit, but in 20 minutes of playing time, he the positive and negative value of the highest, reached the + 24, and had to comb the mighty offense in in perfect order.Of course, with Wiggins sidelined today, the Warriors struggled defensively, with Kminga picking up fouls and Porter not doing much defensively, but the warriors’ offensive output masked their defensive flaws.To be honest, the Warriors will struggle defensively in front and inside height, but it doesn’t matter.Late in the third quarter, the Warriors were at their best with Curry and Green leading the way, curry hitting kuzma’s floater and a step-back 3-pointer over Horford.Hit three from a pick-and-roll with his teammates, including the shot at the end, when Curry was playing with the ball. Green was off the ball and he didn’t seem to be able to draw attention, but green was able to create space for Curry through the pick-and-roll.Before Green’s injury, curry did a lot of running and pulling as the point of origin, but as Curry adjusted to his new ball handling role, Green was able to seamlessly fit into the system, and there wasn’t any adjustment between the two of them.In fact, Curry is used to being flanked, but if he passes the ball back to his point, it will be the biggest difference between green and curry.And Klay doesn’t necessarily want to hold the ball and work alone, which is inefficient. Whether he can actively find Klay is also the difference between green and not.It can be said that Green’s pu-erh tea combination is Kerr’s trump card, even if the opponent knows these three points are terrible, but with Green’s card, can not defend.In contrast, Klay and Poole didn’t play as well with their secondary link-ups, mainly on the defensive end.Before the game, Kerr said Green would play about 20 minutes, and for Green, he would probably like to see the puerh trio on offense at the same time.With or without Green, the Warriors are two different teams, curry is double-teamed and green can get the ball back to curry.In the past, Golden State’s bench has shot a lot, but with Green’s ability to channel the ball to the three leading scorers, role players don’t get as many shots unless it’s a good opportunity.These are significant improvements, of course, and given green some time to settle in, the Warriors will probably get better once he’s back in the lineup. Now for Kerr, he’ll have to start identifying key players for the playoffs, players like Damian Lee and Anderson, who may not get a chance in the future.