Adidas hired Zidane as a lobbyist to sign Harland

2022-08-16 0 By

Harland is the hottest young star of the moment, and Adidas is willing to invite Zidane to interject in order to sign the “golden egg” star.Erling Haaland’s sponsorship deal with sportswear brand Nike ended in January, with rival Adidas desperate to sign the 21-year-old Norwegian international.Germany, local media reported bild adidas (adidas) local time on February 7, a secret meeting in headquarters, invited French football legend zinedine zidane, a former Swansea striker, and harland’s father to attend the meeting together, want to use the power of the idol, persuade harland sign the sponsorship contract.If Adidas are successful in signing Harland, it could help real Madrid make a bid for the Norwegian striker this summer, as adidas also has a long-standing relationship with real Madrid and is sponsoring a number of players.However, if Harland moves to Real Madrid and wears a real shirt, he will no longer be able to work with Zinedine Zidane, who is rumoured to be in charge of Paris Saint-Germain this summer.