2 firefighters killed on New Year’s Day in GuangxiThe heroic feat is tearful!

2022-08-16 0 By

According to media reports, at 23:58 on January 31, a fire broke out in a three-story house in Laotun, Gugan Village bureau of Dahua Yao Autonomous County, Hechi City, leaving two people trapped.In order to save the trapped people, firefighters rushed into the fire regardless of personal danger, there are 2 fire and rescue workers lost their lives.The whole net was saddened by the news.Such tragic news comes at a time of national celebration, family reunion and Chinese New Year celebrations.Instantly let the netizens on the firefighters selfless dedication of the great love moved.Fire is ruthless, there is great love.Firefighters are the patron saint of the people, they use their own lives, when the people are threatened with life, in the moment of emergency, they regardless of their own safety, bravely rushed into the raging fire, struggling to rescue trapped personnel.This spirit of sacrifice deserves praise and praise from the whole society.The profession of a fire and rescue worker is extremely special and extremely dangerous.They often race with death, struggle with difficulties, overcome all adverse factors, rescue personnel, extinguish fires, protect the safety of the people.But they are also people, is the blood of flesh and blood men, they also have parents, also have wives and children, also have a happy family, but, they chose to fight with the fire, already put life and death regardless of.At the same time, we pay tribute to the fire heroes, but also call on science and technology workers to step up research and development of fire fighters’ protective clothing, so that they can protect themselves to the greatest extent when rushing into the fire rescue personnel, less sacrifice, for the world to retain a few warm heart hero!