The secret behind “Boonie bears” PK “Pleasant Goat” is all here

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Every year, many people find something to say about each film when they prejudge or re-watch the Spring Festival season, but they don’t want to talk about the “Boonie bears” series in detail.In the past few years, many people would say that “Boonie Bears” was the only young animated film available during the Spring Festival. The scarcity of genre and the ticketing habit of Belt 3 made it a natural winner.However, this Spring Festival is different. Boonie Bears After Earth is no longer the only one on the animated track. There are also two animated films, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Basket Out of the Future and Little Tiger Dun Big Hero.Especially “Boonie bears” and “Pleasant Goat” two highly national animation brand encounter, can be said to be a lot of fun.This year marks the eighth consecutive year for Boonie bears, while Pleasant Goat returns to the big screen for the first time in seven years.So far, Boonie Bears After Earth has taken in more than 600 million yuan, while Pleasant Goat and Big big Wolf Basket the Future has taken in more than 100 million yuan, but it’s not just box office figures between the two.In fact, this is not the first PK between them, maybe more details you don’t know, are here.Content creation For many post-90s and post-95s, boonie bears and Pleasant Goat are classic animation IP in their growing up.In the Series pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, the line “I will definitely come back” has become a famous scene in the hearts of the generation.In the Boonie bears series, the line of The two bears, “The bear is big, the bald man is strong and comes to cut down the tree again”, has become a classic joke.While these two works remain stereotyped, they have long since changed dramatically.Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf are not enemies but friends.The relationship between The two has also been improved and they are working side by side as partners.These relationship changes are particularly evident in the two animated films.In “Pleasant Goat and the Basket of Big Big Wolf”, which returns to the big screen, Big Big Wolf becomes a team member with the goat village friends.In the past, qingqing grassland and Wolf Castle were weakened in the film, and the sentence “I will come back” eventually only became the ringtone of “Shezuo” Wolf.As a matter of fact, changes have already taken place in the animation creation of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.Since the release of “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Guardian of Goat Village” in 2019, the team’s story creation is no longer a simple unit drama, but a complete story told by episodes.At the same time, the team broke the past “Wolf catch sheep” routine, let the Wolf and sheep began to live in peace, together against the enemy story.In 2021, the team will launch the series “Pleasant Goat and The Basket of Big Big Wolf” with basketball competition as the theme.In the words of director Huang Weiming, the whole team was excited about the creation.Not only that, but the team also found a passion for remaking big movies.”After doing one a year, we thought we wanted to make a breakthrough, so we stopped and worked on some scripts.”Huang weiming and his team have thought of many ideas in the past time, and even wrote a lot of movie scripts. “We were not satisfied with them all the time, so we did not do it until we came across the subject of basketball competition, and we thought we could give it a try.”Thus, the film “Pleasant Goat and the Basket of Big big Wolf The Future” began.In contrast to “Looking for opportunities” in “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, “Boonie bears” has not been absent in the past eight years.The relationship between the characters in Boonie bears has changed since the big movie Boonie Bears: FantasticSpace in 2017.Now, “Boonies after Earth” as the eighth film in the series, for the team, in reality creation will inevitably encounter bottlenecks, but director Lin Huida frankly said that the brand in the creation process, always focus on “environmental protection” and “humanity”, “this is our fixed original intention.In the past, boonie bears animated films have involved science fiction in one way or another.In the new story, science fiction elements are amplified in all aspects, and even the setting of “The first bear on the Moon” is used, which not only echoes the hot spot of “Chang ‘e-5” landing on the moon, but also uses the advanced civilization of ancient times to stimulate children’s curiosity for aviation exploration and thinking about the environmental resources behind the story.Special effects technology for many people who have not paid attention to these two IP for a long time, how many people will feel when they are attracted by them again, how can the characters have changed?Especially in “Pleasant Goat and the Basket of Big Big Wolf victory”, those originally lovely cartoon images, how this time become long arms and legs, anthropomorphic stronger?Huang weiming told us that this change is to respect the setting of playing basketball. “I think they play basketball, the ratio of head to body is relatively more suitable.It used to be cute if you had short hands and short feet, but you couldn’t catch the ball. You just have to do what you want to do in a dunk.He understands that audiences may feel strange at first, but the discomfort will subside once they see the film and enter the intense events.This setting is not simply to meet the action of playing basketball, the creative team is completely in accordance with the real basketball rules in reality to draw, “of course, we will use some exaggerated techniques to show some actions, so that the audience has a real, immersive feeling, even into the whole game.”In particular, the scene of the cap blocking at the end of the movie, although the audience saw the 3D animation, the artist actually drew it in a two-dimensional way for two or three months.I have to say that the final sense of authenticity presented in the film is not only inseparable from the creative team’s careful study of the rules of basketball, but also from the changes in the images of these characters.Boonie Bears After Earth is also a brilliant production.Many people used to think of Boonie bears as almost flash animation, but now boonie Bears is more and more authentic.This kind of reality is inseparable from the team’s research on animation technology in recent years.In particular, the film, which focuses on science fiction, has 1500 special effects shots, accounting for 80%. The number of characters and scenes has also reached more than 300 respectively.”Technically, we broke through many difficulties.Is one of the most complex scene between abramovich recalls the origin of the cat family, although is just ten few scenes, but shows the whole process of the rise and fall of Lyle’s family, containing Lyle, millions of times to the prosperous city, touch the soul-stirring decline after the city garbage mountain, lifelike tornado, tsunami, magmatic eruption destroy earth, tens of thousands of soldiers spacecraft war,The garbage City scene alone had 29 billion particles, we made 7.3 billion models with 12,561 billion polygon faces, and each frame took 20 hours to render. It took three months to make a dozen scenes before and after the whole film.”This kind of technical difficulty is not the first time in the Boonie bears series. In the previous Boonie Bears Wild Land, 387 characters were created, and the characters with the largest amount of animal hair reached tens of millions.”Special effects are no longer a problem for us,” the director of boonie Bears said proudly.It’s clear that as animated films are becoming more and more important to audiences, each label is honing its techniques and bringing audiences into new fantasy Spaces with unique stories.Box office figures two national brands meet, box office data is naturally one of the most concerned content of the audience.Before Boonie bears came along, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf was the only one.In 2009, the first “Pleasant Goat” movie “Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf: The Bull” reached 100 million yuan at the box office, making it the first animated film in China to break 100 million yuan at the box office.At that time, the animated film “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” featured the concept of “Chinese zodiac”, catering to the topic of the year’s zodiac. By 2012, “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” reached the series’ highest box office of 167 million yuan.Not only that, the series also launched in 2012 and 2013 summer season, with the protagonist of the animation + live-action “I Love the Big Big Wolf” series, but unfortunately, the series is not as good as the Spring Festival series of animation, whether it is word of mouth, or box office.Also in 2012, the animated series “Boonie bears” came out of the blue and attracted the attention of many children once it was broadcast.After two years of polishing, “Boonie bears” launched its first big movie “Boonie Bears: Raiders of the Lost Bear”, directly and “Pleasant Goat and the Adventures of big Big Wolf” in the Spring Festival to the positive PK.In the end, Both at the box office and word-of-mouth, Boonie Bears outperformed Pleasant Goat.The following year, “Pleasant Goat father” Huang Weiming returned to direct the blockbuster film “Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf Year of the Sheep”, even with the advantage of the Year of the Sheep, still can not beat the momentum of the Boonie bears series.And “Boonie bears” that year launched the work, is now many “bear fans” are proud of “Boonie bears snow Mountain Bear wind”.The film’s rating has risen from 7.5 to 7.9, with even some bear fans admitting in the comments section that it is the ceiling of Boonie bears.Since 2016, the market has been dominated by “Boonie bears” during the Spring Festival, and its box office has soared to 717 million yuan in 2019 for “Boonie Bears: Primitive Age.”This year’s Boonie Bears After Earth is expected to make more than $800 million.Box office is always a number that can be broken, and everyone’s efforts to this end are also worth paying attention to.”Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Basket Out of the Future” and The Chinese University Basketball League cooperation, become its joint promotion;Boonie Bears: Back to Earth interactive with the China Space Museum, children to explore the mysteries of the universe.On the one hand, basketball competition, on the other hand, universe exploration, the combination of the two animated films, so that the audience who like animation have more choices.When they are put together, they will inevitably be compared, but we are looking forward to the “next step” in this comparison.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: