The Youth League Committee of Hohai University was awarded the advanced Collective of “Three Trips to the Countryside” in Jiangsu Province in 2021

2022-08-15 0 By

Recently, jiangsu Provincial Party Committee publicity Department, the provincial civilization office, the provincial department of Education, the provincial Science and technology department and other departments jointly to the 2021 Jiangsu province culture, science and health “three to the countryside” activities of advanced collective and advanced individuals to praise.The Youth League committee of Hohai University was awarded the advanced collective of jiangsu Province’s culture, science, technology and health “Three to the countryside”.According to reports, in 2021, hohai University Youth League Committee under the strong leadership of the school Party committee, solid cultural science and technology health “three to the countryside” social practice activities.Under the new situation of normalizing epidemic prevention and control, the university has organized nearly 1,000 teams and more than 10,000 teachers and students to carry out various practical activities.Social practice activities adhere to the understanding of national conditions and people rooted in China, combined with professional characteristics to serve local development, pay attention to carry out school-local cooperation with industries and local practice bases, and effectively guide students in Hohai to receive education at the grass-roots level and the front line, develop talents and make contributions.The activity has achieved remarkable results in party history education, grassroots theory education, strengthening science and technology to support agriculture, rural revitalization, and epidemic prevention and control. It has been reported by mainstream media, and won the title of excellent unit of “Three Rural areas” social practice activity of National College and secondary school student volunteers for the eighth consecutive year.(Correspondent: Zhang Chunping, Hohai University)